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Ventura County Nurses Blow the Whistle on Crisis in Local Health Care

Do you work in the healthcare industry or in another sector where mandates are affecting employees, contractors and citizens? Help shine a light on these policies by sharing your story with us! Email [email protected].

Update: Listen to Joel Kilpatrick’s interview here.

Ventura County nurses from differ­ent sectors and specialties are coming forward to blow the whistle on what they deem serious lapses in local health care practices, mostly related to COVID-re­lated protocols, “vaccine” mandates and politically and financially motivated bul­lying of medical staff, which these health care workers say is seriously compromis­ing the general quality of local care.

The Guardian spoke with multiple nurses of various ages and at different stages in their careers, all of whom work in medical care settings or hospitals in Ven­tura County. Each preferred to speak un­der a pseudonym for now. Each described seriously declining standards of care, at­mospheres of intimidation and fear in hospitals, and distrust and disillusionment among medical professionals.

“Before COVID, nurses, staff and the community were confident in treatment modalities and in doctors’ competencies,” says one nurse. But now, “People are con­fused.”

“They’re very confused,” agrees a veter­an Ventura County nurse. “I think doctors are confused.… I don’t think the commu­nity’s confident. I’m not.… Because where’s the truth?”

Most shocking, perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to re­port the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots. To suggest that these shots are the cause of any medical problem — or that they are contributing to the alarming rise in non-COVID-related hospital popula­tions — invites professional ridicule.

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“Nobody is considering that [these medical problems] could be vaccine-re­lated,” says an ICU nurse in a county hospital. “It’s not even in question. You might as well say you want to start treat­ing people with crystals and burning sage. If you say it’s the vaccine, they look at you and say, ‘It’s the safest thing ever produced. Why would you say that?’”

Yet, doctors are at a loss to explain the increase in non-COVID-related ailments, including a reported increase in heart at­tacks in young people, mainly men, who received the COVID-19 vaccines.

Doctors “just chalk it up to genes,” one nurse says.

‘Bury the Bodies in the Parking Lot’
When nurse Daniel first heard of the novel coronavirus spreading in China in December 2019, he immediately bought N95 masks for his family. His superiors told him to prepare for a “worst-case sce­nario.”

“I made a video to each of my kids and my wife, just in case,” he says. “[Our hospi­tal was] saying, ‘Every floor will have venti­lators. There’s not enough PPE. Nurses and doctors are dying in Italy. Somebody’s go­ing to have to bury the bodies in the park­ing lot because that’s how many people are going to die.’ That’s the picture they paint­ed, all these people you respect and have gone to school a lot longer than I have and have accolades by their names.”

Daniel sent his wife and kids to live elsewhere for a month and a half while he prepared to handle the rush of dead and dying. What happened next, he says, was that “nobody came.”

“I was getting called off a shift almost every other week because there was such a low patient population in the hospital,” he says. “Not only did ventilators not happen, but we had only six COVID patients in our ICU. The hospital had canceled all these elective surgeries, and we were not getting even a tenth of the ventilated patients they said it would be. Not even close.”
Initial predictions were so off that “it was like they carried the zero several times. That’s the magnitude.”

But by spring 2021, “an interesting thing” happened, he says. In the wake of widespread vaccinations, the number of non-COVID patients “really started pick­ing up.”

“Pneumonia cases, stroke cases,” he says. “We’ve had more strokes than nor­mal. Women in particular with venous sinus embolisms. We’re seeing a lot of au­toimmune issues: rashes on the body, the body attacking the nervous system, pro­ducing symptoms like a weakening of the muscles.”

One patient came in with severe respi­ratory distress and went into respiratory failure, with symptoms first showing three weeks after he took the Pfizer shot.

“His lungs were completely destroyed, totally wrecked,” says Daniel. “He had ground-glass opacity on the CAT scan, which is a hallmark of COVID.”

The patient’s doctors insisted it was an exceedingly rare condition, though the man had never suffered respiratory distress before. When the man’s wife brought up the possibility of vaccine-related damage, the doctor simply said, “No.”

“It was a non-starter to the discussion,” Daniel says. “He did not want to talk to her about it. It was just crazy talk [to him].”
One fit, healthy nurse in her twenties whom Daniel knows went into cardiac arrest three weeks after she received the Pfizer shot. An aortic dissection ruptured a portion of her aorta like a balloon. She was resuscitated, underwent open-heart surgery and made a full recovery. But she could not abide the suggestion that the COVID vaccine shots had caused it.

“She said, ‘It’s not possible. It’s not the vaccine,’” Daniel says of the woman. “She’s petite and doesn’t have any condition that would lead to this. … Sometimes you can’t accept information because it’s affecting you on a deeply emotional level. People don’t want to admit they were wrong — they were fooled. Some have staked their lives on this decision, and nothing’s going to change that.”

Adverse reactions among those who took one of the vaccines continue, he says, but go virtually unreported.

“If you look at our hospital’s reporting on adverse reactions, this vaccine would have no adverse reactions,” he says.

No VAERS Reporting
Angela, a nurse for more than 25 years, confirms that in her hospital’s emergency room, they say they are seeing more heart problems in young adults, which are never reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Re­porting System (VAERS) as potential ad­verse reactions to COVID “vaccinations.”

Another nurse, Jennifer, says ER nurs­es privately say they are seeing “all the clot­ting, bleeding and things you would expect from the vaccine six months later — brain bleeds, heart attacks in younger 50-year-olds. No doctor will admit this is from the vaccine. They won’t make the VAERS re­port.”

When Daniel asked fellow nurses and practitioners if they report to VAERS, they looked at him like, “What’s that?”

“I’ve seen people in their thirties [with these problems], and the doctor’s just like, ‘Oh, you have s—y genes,’” he says. “I’m like, are you kidding me?”

All nurses interviewed say they are seeing “ground-glass opacity” results in the CT scans of people’s lungs who recently took the experimental vaccines — and that this is never reported to VAERS.

“Doctors and intensivists [treat it like] a ludicrous thought,” says one ICU nurse. “Nobody is putting it on their differential diagnosis.”

‘Voodoo Statistics’
For that and other reasons, COVID-re­lated data amounts to what one nurse calls “voodoo statistics.” In her particular unit and others, they are no longer testing ev­erybody for COVID. Rather, they began testing only those who are symptomatic — with shortness of breath, for example — and those who say they are unvaccinated.


“They don’t want their numbers to skyrocket when all the vaccinated people come in,” says Jennifer.

“Or they don’t want to report that they’re seeing 80 percent of the people in the ER are vaccinated, but only 40 percent of the county is vaccinated,” adds another nurse. “That’s an odd statistic. … Is there an adverse effect occurring from these shots that’s not being reported? If they’re not screening people ubiquitously, there’s a slant to whatever numbers are coming in. That stuff is not going to be elucidated in the data.”

But with “vaccinated” people increas­ingly hospitalized with actual COVID or adverse reactions, the way forward be­comes murkier.
“These vaccines are non-sterilizing. They allow you to carry and transmit the virus,” points out one nurse. “It does not solve the contagion issue. The virus is still spreading among the vaccinated.”

For example, in a recent group of COVID patients at one hospital, the sickest ones were double-vaccinated.

“The first to die had both Pfizer shots,” says Daniel, who took care of the patient. “Another guy who had both shots died as well. His lungs were destroyed.”

“But they’re not talking about that,” confirms another nurse.

Medical Bullying
In the meantime, “Everybody’s getting browbeaten and told they are going to lose their livelihoods” if they don’t receive the vaccines, one hospital nurse says.

“A lot of nurses at the hospital just said, ‘Fine,’ [and took the vaccine], because no­body wants to lose their job,” says Susan, a nurse with more than 30 years of experi­ence. “But since when in the history of the country have we ever been mandated to do anything like this?”

“Unvaccinated” medical staff also are accused of being “carriers” or of being physically unfit to perform, and in at least one case, one nurse was berated by a doctor in front of colleagues.

“They do this to people like me who don’t want the vaccine,” Angela says. “They are discriminating against people who refuse the vaccine. They put us down. Pretty much, they’ve been brainwashed.”

One benefit of being tested regularly, says one nurse who will not take the vaccine, is that when “vaccinated” co-workers acquire COVID, they can’t blame their “unvaccinated” colleagues.

“I can always say, ‘Hey, I have my negative [test]. You didn’t get it from me,’” says this nurse. “Because that’s what the media’s saying, right? [But in reality] this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated, because you’re not getting it from me because we’re being tested multiple times a week.”

‘Alone and Afraid’
Ironically, vaccinated nurses in non-COVID units remain “terrified” of COVID-positive pa­tients, say a number of nurses. “They’re freaked out. Freaked out,” according to one. As a result, they combine the day’s care into one or two visits, suiting up, ducking in and leaving as quickly as possible.

“The patient is left in the room for the majority of the time alone and afraid,” says Jennifer. “That’s someone who shouldn’t be alone and afraid.”

During the early days of the viral outbreak in 2020, a number of patients came in with non-COVID-related medical problems, tested pos­itive for COVID and were placed on the COVID floor, sometimes to die, one nurse says.

“A young person was admitted to the hospi­tal for something completely unrelated to COVID. Some type of autoimmune bowel issue,” this nurse remembers. She then tested positive for COVID and was placed on the COVID floor.

Her condition worsened, and “Nothing was re­ally done” until she went into cardiac arrest and died.

The oversight and advocacy that used to exist “is not there anymore because you have that COVID documentation, that positivity, and you’re just put on the floor and left to your own devices,” Daniel says. “This was a young person, very young and didn’t need to die, but because she had this COVID diagnosis, everyone was, ‘Fine, whatever, whatever.’ She died not from COVID but from nobody treat­ing what she was suffering from.”

Lack of family advocates has led to worse out­comes.

“You bet your butt that if someone’s mom was in there, she would have said, ‘What’s going on? We should run some tests,’” this nurse says. “How many people have died in the hospitals because no one was there to advocate for them?”

Overlooking Natural Immunity
All the nurses interviewed for this article agreed that the most overlooked subject regarding COVID is antibody tests. Doctors minimize them in favor of promoting the vaccines, even though natural im­munity convincingly offers a more robust defense against all viruses, while vaccines target one narrow characteristic.

“That’s the main thing,” says Jennifer. “If this was about immunity, they would be checking antibod­ies. The medical community, our hospitals are not checking anybody’s antibodies. We’re having to do it on our own.”

“Why aren’t they concerned about natural im­munity?” Susan echoes. “That should be their first concern. But they’re not.”
One nurse asks rhetorically: “How many people do you see come in that have had COVID before, and they’re back in the ICU? It doesn’t happen.”

They also agree, with sadness and clear alarm, that the quality of health care at California hospi­tals is rapidly declining. They cite serious mistakes in surgeries, chronic understaffing, and the loss of veteran nurses due to mandates and COVID brow­beating. These seasoned professionals cannot easily be replaced by what one nurse calls “this onslaught of new girls [who are] so green around the gills.”

“If any more doctors and nurses leave this field, we’ll turn into a third world,” says one ICU nurse. “We won’t be a premier medical destination. It’s real­ly scary to see how everything is unfolding.”

During a break in a roundtable discussion, sev­eral nurses talked about getting surgeries in out-of-town hospitals due to falling quality at their own places of employment. One said flatly, and not en­tirely jokingly, “I think I’d rather get treated by a vet­erinarian. They are probably a lot more objective and evidence-based. They’re not pushing something.”

As evidence comes in over time, the tide of opinion may be shifting against the “vaccines.”

“I know a lot of [health care workers] who will not get a booster shot,” says Daniel. “They felt like they took a huge risk. I know a lot of people who felt terrible for months after the shot, and they don’t want to experience that again. They see that it’s not protecting people from get­ting sick or even hospitalized. … A lot of people are very leery of the whole thing. Once they hear about the boost­er, they’re like, ‘Wait, what? I thought I took the risk, and it was good.’”

Many doctors he knows “regret getting the shot because they see the side-effect profile is probably much larger than is being reported.”

Standing Up for Hope
More than half the nurses the Guardian spoke with are heading for the exits and are looking to retire or move to another state to continue their careers. Some express optimism, while all express great concern for their pro­fession.

“I am so upset by all of this,” says Daniel. “I had maybe this starry-eyed view of what medicine was. I’ve lost all faith in the medical field. I think, ‘Who’s been bought and paid for now?’ It seems like money is the thing push­ing these drugs more than evidence. These doctors and even nurses — we’re supposed to be critical thinkers. The pharmaceutical companies aren’t sup­posed to make all the rules. We’re sup­posed to be advocates for our patients. But they all want to keep their jobs and not ruffle any feathers. Nobody wants to be audited or have the spying eye of the government on them as individuals or institutions.”

He feels that the medical commu­nity sees independent thinkers like him as the enemy now.

“The state sees you as an opposi­tion force, for your opinion,” he says. “All these mandates and enforcements are not based off of science; they’re based off of peer pressure. Fear, politi­cal, emotional manipulation.”

Other local nurses want to stay but will not under such invasive require­ments.

“Ventura County is a beautiful place, but not with this,” says one who raised children here.

They also speak among themselves of building private member association hospitals, where unvaccinated people can go to work.
“People are getting smart. They’re going to create their own, separate, par­allel system,” Jennifer says.

“They are going to say, enough is enough,” Susan agrees.

Angela says that by talking public­ly now, “I’m hoping more people will speak up and be bold about this. I hope there will be more people whose eyes are open, and they will have the cour­age to speak their opinions and beliefs. Freedom of choice and freedom of speech should not be infringed. This is America, and it’s becoming like China.”

Susan, who repeated “Jesus, I trust in you” countless times to get through the pandemic, says, “I do feel like this is a spiritual warfare. I do. But I know for sure, because I’m a faithful woman, that God will prevail. Good will pre­vail. I know that. And that is what we all need.”

Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick is a writer and journalist.


  1. There has to be a way forward for those like me who don’t want no Crapitalist “vaxxine”

    It will be great to have a way to work without fear of needle rape

    I hope the natural freedom society is born and has better results than past efforts

    We can’t be merely filthy hippies as past nature lovers were branded

    And nature is all there is and must be honoured

    God Goddess is in nature .
    what is left of our poor terra must be saved and the salvation of non vaxx must be prioritized if we are to have any “Normal” to remember back to

    To say something is not right in Nantucket begs the question

    Obviously all is not well

    What was the motive to destroy most of the world’s economies?

    Why was this done to us ?

    Who got the benefit?

    It wasn’t Julianne Assange

    • I agree all is not well. Whom ever is really running this Country has close ties to China and is taking a page from a communist regime in how to control citizens freedom to choose, how to eliminate the population for the sake of population Control by using bio ware fare upon their Countries people. eliminate those citizens who are older and been dependent on Medicare and SS# or those citizens that are a drag on the government for need of Disability and Medicaid because our Country has been/Government have stolen so much money from SS that in order to pay for another generation of retirees or disabled they must control the population and then figure in the flood gates of hell along the borders that a certain political party needs to increase their voting base Citizens of the US must be eliminated to make financial room for a guaranteed number of voters so the Country is importing them illegally. Some citizens will have to pay the price of a younger age demise from the vaccine to fight the China Virus. Our Government (one party for sure and a portion of the other party all have had a hand in population control and eliminating those first who are a drag on the system (which unfortunately taking along younger people) then increase the influx of illegals which will be part of the new voting base who will by design vote for the party who allowed them into our Country so they are never sent back to their Country of origin. Apparently not enough Citizens have died from the virus so here comes a 2nd, 3rd and forth vaccine and here comes another variant. The corrupt government with their greed must have total Control. Sorry If I repeated my self to try to explain my opinion.

    • Read Klaus Schwab’s book on “COVID-19 and the Great Reset”. Gives the big plan from the globalists. It’s the perspective from those in power. He’s very open about the plan. He heads the World Economic Forum.

  2. Testing is not a solution as the testing itself is driving the case numbers. PCR tests are non specific, developed without virus isolate and set at cycle amplification rates which produce false positive by default of the setting. Antibody tests are non specific and detect antibodies from literally dozens of diseases

    The central issue is severely flawed testing driving cases with ALL testing unsuitable for detection of Sars CoV2 as documented HERE:

    Unfortunately, most health professionals are not educated about the evidence around Covid-19 testing and testing three times a week will do nothing but drive further false case data. It has literally been deemed ‘useless’ by credible peer review for detection of the virus:

    FULL Links and documentation HERE:

    • You are certainly CORRECT in pointing yet another major flaw in the “program” being the “testing” upon which this fear is fostered!!! First of all, the PCR test which is MOST commonly used to hang the “CoV” label on people and further warp the already fraudulent statistics is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for this purpose! This is straight from the mouth of the man who DESIGNED/INVENTED PCR testing: Dr. Kary Mullis. Further indication of the genius of that man, who (unfortunately) is no longer with us, is his categorical estimation of Ant Hony Faux Zhi – “he’s an IDIOT!”
      And that’s putting it MILDLY, as it fails to address his several, egredious CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! That he can lie before congress and the nation (world) about WILLFUL, INTENTIONAL DEVELOPMENT of bioweapons research within the borders of one of this country’s most threatening ENEMIES (and one entirely devoid of conscience or respect for human life) stands as the most telling indicators of the utter FAILURE of the intended “checks and balances” of our government. Clearly we have lost ABSOLUTELY ALL meaningful accountability on the hill, for the precious few dissenting individuals that remain there seem utterly powerless to stem the tide in the slightest!
      And that’s why Trump HAD TO GO – and it didn’t matter AT ALL who replaced him: ANY breathing IDIOT will do!

  3. THANK YOU FOR REPORTING ON THIS!!!! This is the kind of information we need, as citizens of the community. It’s all so terribly saddening, but the truth will come out completely.

  4. Thank you very much for giving these nurses an opportunity to speak and be heard! This well-written article is an invaluable service to the people of Ventura County — and I hope the article is shared far and wide, because I’m sure exactly the same extremely serious problems are occurring in hospitals all over the United States.

    • I can attest the same thing is happening in san diego hospitals. 20 years I’ve been working in hospitals what has happened is more than criminal.

  5. I love this article. I just left right after the profusely weekly testing by the national guard here in Ohio at my nursing facility last year in June/July 2020. So they are the survivors and you treat them as if they didn’t survive this thing over a year now! Wooow. This is why I left the healthcare sector. It’s bought and paid for. Dirty deeds indeed. So much blood on their hands. END THE SHOT SHIT NOW!

    • Remember Dr. Suess wrote a book about some critters having “Stars on Thars” and others didn’t ? It is the Khazarian Mafia who is controlling Big Pharma and the Medical Profession today. They even pressured Trump to trumpet out the “Warp Speed” business, because they even control him.

      • at least Trump, on his twitter just before it was deleted afaik, called the vaccines for CURSED!

        as i remember it, his twitter post was like “get those DAMNED vaccines out now!”

        and damned is cursed. also i believe we have either THE BLESSING or THE CURSE to choose from. just as Moses said, i think. i call heaven as witness about this.

        in Jesus Name

        • Trump authorized the maxines. Trump said he got the maxx and encouraged others to get maxxed. Sounds like he is playing to whatever side will listen. The two party system is broke.

  6. Will we ever know the truth about this pandemic??
    How many patients did not get proper care for illnesses that were not related to Covid and ended up dying?
    How many people died in hospitals mainly because family members were banned from visiting their loved ones in the hospital and advocating for their care?

  7. Thank you for this article Joel. We know in the beginning there were people with good intent hoping this would be the answer And potentially return the world back to normal. We now know that was misinformation. I hope this weeks for people up to be critical thinkers and guardians at their own immune system’s, freedoms and lives. Super proud of these medical folks that have spoken out. They were willing to say the quiet part out loud. My sincere thanks to them and you for covering the story. Super proud of these courageous Professionals that were willing to say the quiet part out loud.

  8. well said daniel bless you in the name of
    yashua his hebrew name the original language of the earth trust in him he will see us through
    and you are right it is a spiritual war
    read matt 24 ver 3 to 30 luke 21 and mark 13
    and rev 13:16

  9. I left my job too…I will.not take the vax…I found a hospital that doesn’t require it…at least for now….I had covid and recovered but they still wanted me to get the vax.

  10. Odd that a long swab up the nose to test for a Coronavirus, is later treated with vaccines in the body for Covid with ARR Efficiency rates of 1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford, 1·2% for the Moderna–NIH, 1·2% for the J&J, 0·93% for the Gamaleya, and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines according to The Lancet and Doctors For Covid Ethics and booster shots now lasting for just 2 months, with Covid being at least 98% efficient in killing you?
    Covid Crusher: Mix one heaped teaspoon of Iodine table or sea salt in a mug of warm water, cup a hand and sniff or snort the entire mugful up your nose, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If sore, then you have a virus, so continue morning noon and night, or more often if you want, until the soreness goes away (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose and flush away, washing your hands afterwards, until when you do my simple cure, you don’t have any soreness at all, when you flush – job done. Also swallow a couple of mouthfuls of salt water and if you have burning in your lungs, salt killing virus and pneumonia there too.
    Gargling, using saline solution or tablets is a waste of time, because they deal with Covid in the body and not the virus in the head, where it is at its most vulnerable – how silly such an easy thing to destroy, is left to become the bio-weapon which kills you.
    I have been doing this for over 27 years and not one person has died from this simple cure, or been injured from it from those I have been able to pass it on too, myself included – 100% Effective!!.
    The Iodine in the salt kills Coronavirus or the Flu, in the nasal passages of the head and flushes out the escutcheon tubes to the ears, the brain stem and the brain bulb, so no long Covid either – dead Coronavirus = no Covid in the body ever and the salt water provides a protection over the surfaces where Coronavirus and the Flu like to breed – pour a bit of solution on a flat surface and see how it dries – what viruses hate, because it murders them, kills them dead.
    Irrespective of if you have been vaccinated or not, do my simple, free cure and avoid further booster shots if you can – or better yet, don’t get vaccinated at all – the vaccines kill, one way or another and horribly too, sooner or later and then we get around to those Nanobots and other things in the vaccines (shudder).

  11. Outstanding! These brave medical personnel know the difference between the truth and propaganda lies. They need our support, not ostracism.

  12. This article shows the heroism of the people who are standing their ground for freedom. We all need to understand that this is the “hill we must die on”. If not, our progeny will look back on us as failures.

  13. Susan, who repeated “Jesus, I trust in you” countless times to get through the pandemic, says, “I do feel like this is a spiritual warfare. I do. But I know for sure, because I’m a faithful woman, that God will prevail. Good will pre­vail. I know that. And that is what we all need.”

    Yes He will .. you just don’t know what He is going to do .. did the thought ever come to mind that maybe HE wants this … thin people out … destroy the country … look to the histroy of man and the bible . God is not all sweetness and light … sometimes … He kills a bunch of people all at once .

    • Man created Covid. Man created these vaccinations. Man created these mandates.

      God gave us free will….what did man do with this free will.

      Man enforced their will over others. God gives unwavering forgiveness to those who truly want forgiveness. God knows what is true in our souls.

      Seek Him for peace in midst of the storm.

  14. To the nurses who are refusing and walking away.
    There are a large number of people, like me, who will refuse the shot, get some other illness or suffer some trauma accident and will not stay in a hospital under any circumstances. If you were available for home nursing even on a visiting basis once or twice a day I would be eternally grateful.
    Hugely less expensive, far healthier environment and much better prognosis with nursing support in my own home.
    (I used to ‘joke’ that if sick I would book into the holiday inn for the same reasons.)
    For thousands of years this was how the sick were treated. Why should such treatment suddenly considered abnormal? Hospital treatment is primarily for the convenience of Doctors and nurses not for the wellbeing of the patient.
    There was a time when doctors and ‘District Nurses’ came to your home. Please let us return to these times.

    • Actually, it seems that healthcare is all for the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and the shareholders of company stock. The corporate takeover of medicine makes it more difficult for physicians to provide patient care and for patients to obtain adequate care in a timely manner without the stress of having to fight. But hey, lots of people are getting rich so that’s good, right? /sarcasm.

    • I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and you’re right, I remember our family doctor coming to our house. Things were so different way back then. I miss the simplicity.

  15. Thank you for giving these healthcare workers a voice. It’s courageous reporting and is, no doubt, bound to be censored on outlinks and undermined by the establishment press. We are seeing one of the greatest crimes perpetrated with forced vaccination and suppression of data. I predict that in about 18 to 24 months, you will see all of the perpetrators running for the proverbial door and finger pointing as the damage from this mounts. How dare the government subject children to this.

    Just remember the reporting that was highlighted in the movie “Shock and Awe.” You may be the outlier now, but you are correct in your pursuit of the truth.

  16. Goodness I said almost this exact
    Thing to a dr a few days ago. They treat me like I am a crazy person. One day we had 7 “COVID “ patients. 3 of them came in 1-2 weeks after their first dose. One came in 2 weeks after his second dose and one hade been fully vaccinated for months. Only 2 had no vaccines. When I pointed this out the Dr started to list all the reasons these people were exception. But I stopped him and said. “No matter what you say shouldn’t we have at Least 10 unvaccinated for every 1 vaccinated? I mean shouldn’t there be a LOT more unvaccinated?” He just blinked his eyes and looked at me.

    • I’ve heard similar stories. No doctor is allowed to consider that the new “vaccines” aren’t a perfect, miracle therapy, not allowed to consider that the “vaccines” could cause serious side effects, illness and/or death. All part of the unprecedented cover-up and censorship going on. Doctors are being threatened nationwide by state Boards of Medicine with huge fines, loss of license and shaming within the profession if they do not promote the “one size fits all” vaccine for ALL regardless of age, risk factors, medical history, etc. No other talk of alternative treatment or therapeutics are allowed.

      My own PCP has refused to support my request for a medical exemption as none of my problems fit the CDC’s definition of what a valid medical exemption is. You must have had a prior severe allergic (anaphylactic) reaction to something in the shots. Well, since these shots have NEVER been used before, how is that possible? I did have a severe reaction to a flu vaccine in 2013 with resultant neuropathy for the last 8 years and I have another rare neurological condition from which I am still recovering but apparently those conditions are NOT good enough. It’s anaphylaxis or else you MUST submit!

      I thus face termination from my job. All for shots that do not prevent infection or transmission. I’m shaking my head as none of this makes scientific or medical sense. R.N. for almost 40 years.

      • Find a new doctor, an ethical one! If you cannot find one, then look online, there are docs willing to provide medical letter for a fee.

  17. What amazing courage by both Joel and his interviewees.

    The popular saying “There are a lot more of us than them” grieves me at one level because it (rightly) assumes we have been divided. But there are many of us who will stand for freedom and intellectual honesty.

    That is what the United States of America, intellectually, has been about. Will we push that legacy into the future?

    God bless these courageous folks!

  18. This excellent article, and the courage of all the good people who you interviewed makes me fiercely proud. Courage and truth will prevail. Thank you!

  19. Very fine piece and very heartening comments.

    There are alternatives for victims of the gene-based shots. Please see https://donpaulwearerev.com/flipping-the-script/help-the-vaccinated-fight-shots-pitfalls-victory-2021

    Home Nursing by those Nurses fired from Hospitals is a great alternative raised here. Early Home Therapies, too. And communities uniting in ‘Focused Protection’ of the most vulnerable, the protection that the U.S. has failed to provide.

  20. I am so happy someone finally is speaking the truth. That is all we need is the truth and patriotic people to stand up for our freedom and our rights! This is America. Stop forcing this vaccine on people! I am so blessed to see this article. It made my night. We must continue to fight!

  21. I’m an ICU nurse in Sacramento and everything said in this article is absolutely true of my experience in my hospital there. It’s very sad and depressing.

  22. Unbelievable pure propaganda.
    I can’t believe how irresponsible this article is. Nurses are accusing doctors of not doing everything in their power to save people who come into the hospital. I am an ER nurse in this County and have not seen any of what you are describing. You clearly struggle with how science works, I understand that, but please keep your dangerous opinions to yourselves. There are reasons not everyone can mount immunity to the vaccine, not to mention most children are not able to be vaccinated. If you are a nurse, you should understand that. It is the exact reason all should be vaccinated to protect the vulnerable, and those who can’t. Those who choose to stay unvaccinated are selfish. plain and simple. Like all medications, vaccines have side effects. Some are worse than others. We take many risks just being alive, some are well worth it to help others.

    • Here is an article that backs up what the nurses are saying with the results of a study. This study references another study which has been blocked from most browsers.

      Truth invites examination; lies reject truth.

    • Your naivete is appalling, and you a NURSE? Your critical thinking and analytical skills are this stunted? How many VAERS reports have you observed to be filed? How long have you been working there? You claim you’ve observed ZERO adverse reactions – or is it simply that you REFUSE to connect dots that stare you in the face?
      It would be CHILD’S PLAY to make a case with obvious FACTS, stepwise analysis and simple REASONING, but from what you say that would be an utter waste of time. Your arrogant prejudice and corresponding vain pride of opinion will UNDOUBTEDLY prevent you from engaging in ANY objective thought process or conversation. That there are so many within the medical field (and politics and MSM) who share your particular handicap IS THE PROBLEM that thinking, red-blooded, patriotic Americans are now facing!
      You might think of taking a night class in statistics 101 in hopes of picking up a modicum of analytical skill in weighing risks vs benefits. Hopefully, such a class might fly beneath the radar of your preconceived notions.
      I can think of a few history classes that might also benefit your world view, but by that time it may well be too late. It’s not like ANYONE can UNtake these jabs – a pertinent bit of reality that seems to be missing from your equations.
      Even worse, though, than your twisted concept of personal vs societal rights and freedoms is the scary way you view the threatened mandatory “vaccination” of our KIDS – which tells me you either don’t have any or are too intoxicated by the koolaid to look out for their long-term health.
      How did you get through school at all, much less in a healthcare-related field? I’m guessing you minored in “fact-checking,” right? You wouldn’t know propaganda, pure or otherwise, from shinola.

    • So tell us then, in your medically educated opinion, why does the CDC put out a protocol that includes a drug that was halted in trials for Ebola because nearly 40% of those who were given said drug (remdesivir) suffered kidney failure?

      You know what happens when kidneys fail? The body cannot rid itself of excess fluids. You know what happens when the body can’t rid itself of excess fluids? The body dies a horribly uncomfortable death.

      Also tell us why they seek to put these people on ventilators, when the ventilator actually exacerbates the issue.

      Most people, by the time they get to the phase where doctors put them on ventilation, are super sick because of what is know as the “Cytokine Storm.” A basic overview is this. When our lungs are infected, our T cells signal our immune system macrophages when to start making the toxic soup of lysosomal enzymes, reactive oxygen species, and nitric oxide that destroys intracellular pathogens. The problem is that when you introduce oxygen via mechanical ventilation, it has the opposite of the desired effect. Ventilation makes the cytokine storm worse, causing further damage, and basically destroying the lungs. It is like trying to put out a fire by blowing pure oxygen into it.

      When you ventilate someone at this stage of illness, you are setting off a free radical nuke by supplying the cells with pure oxygen. Admittedly, It’s somewhat of a dichotomy, because we need oxygen to make Adenosine Triphosphate (that the body needs to live), but O2 is also the precursor of all these damaging radicals that lead to lipid peroxidation.

      So in essence, by ventilating people in the midst of a cytokine storm, you are creating a much more toxic environment in the lungs by creating a nice peroxide soup.

      Tell us why doctors have completely overlooked drugs that actually work, (HCQ, Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, IV Vitamin C, ETC) in favor of the CDC murder protocols?

      Tell us why, when people, such as my own cousin who is now dead, are diagnosed with covid, they are told to go home and wait til their lips turn blue from low oxygen levels to come back?

      Tell us why, as noted by numerous nurses, during the initial stages of covid in the US, when old people from nursing homes were brought to hospitals with advanced covid, they weren’t being treated. Instead, they were loaded up with pain killers and tranquilizers, and allowed to die, often sitting in a wheelchair in a hallway.

      Tell us why health officials of all types are having their jobs threatened for wanting to report vaccine injuries and deaths to VAERS.

      If your answer is anything other than they want people to die, you are not paying attention, and you are a fool.

  23. Thank you, it’s not a vaccine but an immunosuppressant!! Vaccination equals genocide. The country is being undermined!! The first victim is not truth but the PROTECTION of the citizens!! It is evident in every section of the culture. Learn alternatives. Produce bumper stickers stating vaccination equals genocide. Your sacred oath is being undermined. People who would be administrators have sold out. Dr f is protected by the oligarchs. He controls all medical research in this country. Science reflects the attitudes of the upper class. There is no accountability to finance or support alternative points of view. The authority of prestigious institutes is all under dr f thumb. As this epidemic blossoms the inadequacy of your academic leaders will be revealed. They are promoting immune suppression and genocide !!!

  24. First off, I find your lack of sources disturbing. All I get from your piece is that you’re writing based on the “opinions and beliefs” (from your article) of people who claim to be nurses in Ventura county. Since these claims go against nearly all other writers, your piece should have unimpeachable criteria. You have numerous quotes without any attribution and many of those statements have potential to be used out of context. How many nurses are a part of this article and how many nurses are there in total in Ventura? Are these 1% of all nurses or what?

    A statistic you used was definitely reworded to deceive the reader.
    ‘80% of their hospital intake was vaccinated, but only 40% of the country is. ‘. You’re making a false comparison. Of California’s total population, 80% have been vaccinated THEREBY 80% of those going to Ventura’s hospital are vaccinated just because that the characteristic of the population.

  25. If people like Mike Adams, Dave Hodges, Steve Quaille, et al are right, those who are “un-vaxxed” might be the only people able to run things when all is said and done.

  26. There are 17,128 deaths (~ 18,000) reported from the quack-cine in the VAERS as of October 15, 2021.

    The actual death rate from the quack-cines is far greater than the ~18,000 deaths reported by VAERS.

    What is the actual number of people that have died from the quack-cine in America ?
    I have found two methods to estimate the genocide that is presently being perpetrated against
    Americans and indeed the entire world.

    Two methods presented:

    (1) The “Harvard Study”
    The Harvard Pilgrim Healthcase study known as Electronic Support for
    Public Health-Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (ESP:VAERS), found that
    only 1% of all adverse events are actually captured by VAERS.
    If that is the case then the actual number of deaths
    from the COVID quack-cine are of the magnitude of

    ~18,000 * 100 (1%) = 1,800,000 deaths

    (2) CMS Database Whistleblower data
    The second method involved insider-information obtained from
    a CMS Medicare/Medicaid whistleblower that attorney Thomas Renz has documented.

    Renz’s whisteblower reports the following facts:

    CMS database covers ~ 60,000,000 (18% of US population) patients
    Number of deaths within 14 days of quack-cine reported
    in CMS = 48,465 deaths
    Of these 19,400 deaths 80 years old
    (Understandably the CMS database has a biased older demographic).

    These are raw numbers and thus the number of people who normally die within
    any 14 days still must be considered , but we will adjust for that later.
    We will only use the 19,400 deaths figure for the entire population of the US , estimated as 320 million.

    We will make some rough estimates here that the population of <= 80 year olds in the US is approx. 300 million
    not including young children.
    Similarly the number of <= 80 year olds in the CMS database is estimated at approx. 40 million.
    (300 million / 40 million )

    Also we will assume that the 14 day period death profile and how they are distributed within
    that 14 day period, is static throughout the year when we extend it to cover the 9 month period
    from January 2021 to September 30, 2021.
    (365 / 14 * (9/12) )

    Thus the number of deaths we obtain using Thomas Renz's CMS database whistleblower from
    the COVID quack-cine is about :
    ~15,000 (19,400 adjusted down for normal deaths in 14 days) *
    (300 million / 40 million ) = 7.5 multiplier *
    (365 / 14 * (9/12)) = 20 multiplier


    15,000 * 7.5 * 20 = 2,250,000 deaths
    from the COVID quack-cine using Thomas Renz's CMS database whistleblower data

    Method (1) = 1,800,000 deaths
    Method (2) = 2,250,000 deaths

    In either case, we are talking about the death of millions of people , in America alone.
    This is nothing less than GENOCIDE.

    (1) VAERS, https://vaers.hhs.gov/ , https://openvaers.com/covid-data
    (2) Attorney Thomas Renz "We got them. Fact check this!" All new whistleblower info !

  27. I am an RN and while this article states all these nurses think this. Well as a licensed nurse you do no patient any favors typing here. If you truly feel there are issues report to your state board of health and or the board of nursing. All states have them and as a mandated reporter you must report any abuse of patients. Otherwise you are as guilty as the supposedly vaccine Nazis. We as healthcare workers do whats best for the patient first and some of the posts are clearly religious and political in nature which as nurses we are to treat all patients regardless of our personal views. I doubt this will even be posted.

  28. Ventura county hospitals withheld ivermectin and HCQ along with vit C, D, zinc. The Protocol includes Continue treating Covid with Fauci Rem demisvir at $900 per dose which is ineffective. This Icu rn is witness to the crimes being committed. Any institution receiving federal funding for covid is connected to the crime. I lost more coworkers and patients after release of the covid jab. Tragic. Bill Gates was quoted to want to stop the growing population. Health care provider must look at these facts. Look at vaccine adverse events report system ASAP. If the 1976 swine flu jab was scrapped after 20 deaths what about the tens of thousands from covid jab?

    • I agree and Bill Gates is all about Population Control. Some may not agree but this is all very Political and if you wonder why millions of illegals from several Countries were allowed and encouraged by the new Administration to in fact come illegally and not mandating Covid jabs it all tells a story.

  29. I have been tracking the official numbers released by Ventura County and the CDC for some months now.
    Based on this article, and others, I assume that the actual breakthrough cases are under counted. This means that the percentages reported below are most likely higher in reality.
    That said, here are the official figures:

    From 8/7/21 through 10/27/21, in Ventura County, California:
    27.6% of COVID-19 cases were in the fully vaccinated population.
    26.9% of COVID-19 deaths were in the fully vaccinated population.

    From 9/29/21 through 10/27/21, in Ventura County, California:
    20.2% of COVID-19 hospitalizations were in the fully vaccinated population.
    NOTE: I was not able to gather Ventura County, CA COVID-19 hospitalization information until 9/29/21 when I discovered that the CDC was reporting this data in a manner that was useful.

    From 10/21/21 through 10/27/21, in Ventura County, California:
    23.3% of COVID-19 cases were in the fully vaccinated population.
    26.9% of COVID-19 hospitalizations were in the fully vaccinated population.
    33.3% of COVID-19 deaths were in the fully vaccinated population.


  30. With all due respect, we don’t need MORE and MORE clear obvious evidence of the clear obvious Covid SCAM of what has long been clear and obvious from the very start.

    The relentless focus on this new area of fraud or that new piece of information on the Covid scam going on every day in the alternative media is at this VERY LATE stage A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND DISTRACTION from what everyone needs to immediately LEARN about to CONSTRUCTIVELY fight this obvious pseudoscientific Scamdemic, I mean how much MORE evidence do you need to see the obvious?  UNLESS people take it to the next level it’s just describing more in a slightly different way of the same obvious fraud….

    For people to GET to FIGHT against their destruction through Covid jabs they first need to have a proper grasp of the nature of the world they live in — they need to (want to) “see the light” first — because if they do they will be MOTIVATED to fight.

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to RE-learn is that psychopaths typically are not physically violent crazies but always stealth predators (exploitative deceivers, which explains why the public has been fed a MISLEADING understanding of psychopaths). And then… the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of manipulating psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable) and that the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I. But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition.

    It is NOT just a matter of “draining the swamp” at the top and we’re back to our former sick “normal.”

    The true, WHOLE, but “politically inconvenient” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing because “the swamp that needs draining” on a psychological and behavioral level is over 90% of people anywhere. Review “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.


  31. What this story demonstrates is that doctors are very far from the paragons of science they claim. If they cannot see what is clearly obvious to anyone with a larger IQ than their shoe size then I really do not want to be treated by them for anything. I hope these brainwashed sheep get exactly what we’ve been warning them about for over a year and a half, they deserve it.

  32. The ruling Cabal apparently thinks the vax is a religious rite:

    “No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one can enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.” — David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project, Findhorn, 1978

    Which is probably why they use tissue from live pre-born babies to make the “vaccines.”

  33. Then there’s the Jacques Attali, the French-Jewish “shadow President of France” in “The Future of Life,” 1981, interview with Michel Salomon:

    “In the future it will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he is over 60-65 years of age, man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly. Then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the stupid ones.

    “Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we cannot execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe it is for their own good. Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive.

    “Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to a screeching halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to give intelligence tests to millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

    “We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

    We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done by themselves: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

    “Impartial” (cough cough) “fact-checkers” will of course deny Attali ever said this.

  34. My older sister and her husband went to the doctor’s recently, they are both 80, my brother in law is diabetic and on dialysis 3 times a week. My sister gets sinus infections all the time, she was having her usual sinus issues, by brother in law was mostly just having chills. They were both forced to have a COVID test, and the doctor came in, actually seeming gleeful they tested “positive”, and wanted them both to be admitted to the hospital. My sister refused, and my nieces both found another doctor who verified my sister’s sinus infection, and gave my brother in law a breathing treatment, and they both are fine. This is a colossal LIE, and the “vaccine” manufacturing dates on the vials in 2018!!!!! WHAT? I am 63, have not masked, never had a test, and never WILL, and will not EVER take that shit into me. I shop, go on about my life, and take my supplements. If healthy diet, rest, vitamins and IVERMECTIN had been used from the get go, this would have been over 2 years ago.

  35. Thank you Conejo Guardian, I had the Vax 6 months ago and thank god I seem to be ok, but I know a very young man that got Vertigo and other illnesses after he took the vaccine.
    Please continue to report reality.

  36. Hello from the furthest north point of the Gulf of Alaska. I just wanted to comment on what I feel is the excellence of this reporting; clear, concise and as a human features story exceptionally well written.
    Congratulations, Joel Kilpatrick, on a very professional job of communicating.

  37. Thank God for nurses who are willing to state that the covid “vaccine” is indeed no vaccine. This is something I’ve known since the beginning of these mRNA shots. They break down the body and kill people through (as stated) autoimmune diseases, heart attacks, and much more. The fact that keeps me on my toes and praying is that vaxxed people shed the covid virus to the un”vaccinated.” Surely we are in a spiritual battle. Evil versus good. And yes, God will prevail. The people who give these covid shots will be judged under The Nuremberg trials 2.0 eventually.

  38. I write this is hopes that the Conejo Guardian will bring to light a group called nomoresilence.world Every one on their has been injured by the vaccine or died. Please read their stories. Watch their videos and share them so every one can know what is going on!

  39. I will right away seize your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Kindly permit me recognise so that I could
    subscribe. Thanks.

  40. What is very telling is that this article is getting zero publicity. If there was real independent journalism left in this country this article would be all over the place and the author would be interviewed on 10 TV shows a day….

  41. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Many thanks, However
    I am going through issues with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why
    I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody else having identical RSS issues?
    Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond?

  42. This article is spot on! I’ve been a nurse for 24 yrs, there are 1,400 religious exemptions in my healthcare system! That should tell you something! The same things are happening here in Indiana! Skewed numbers!!!

  43. Excellent article. There are lots of confirming stats. Here are a few:

    UK national stats show 80% of covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are people who got the death shot.
    MA state stats show the same.
    350+ professional soccer players have died this year from the death shots. Sky-high compared to previous years.
    Massive numbers of stillborn children and miscarriages reported.
    CDC study on pregnant women who got the death shots show 80% of pregnancies in first 2 trimesters ended in “spontaneous abortion” after Mom got the death shot.
    CDC caught lying when they said people who got death shots could not transmit virus. Whistleblowers released internal memos proving the opposite and CDC had to publicly confess.
    European VAERS equivalent system shows 35k people died from the death shots and over half a million had SERIOUS side effects (serious = hospitalizations and serious injuries).
    Columbia University study shows under-reporting of VAERS incident by a factor of 20. In other words, there are 20x as many deaths and serious injuries from the death shots.
    So much more…

  44. One more stat I want to share:

    The number of countries issuing bans and/or warnings against the death shots is long and constantly growing. Most of them concern the two mRNA shots (Pfizer and Moderna). Here is the list so far:

    Great Britain


    1. The get paid huge Annual Bonuses (including Caribbean vacations) by Big Drug Companies to write as many prescriptions as possible — many for addictive, mind-altering drugs (Xanax, Zoloft, Prozac ) with numerous dangerous, health-threatening side effects, including psychotic violence (school shootings).

    Giving Drug-Prescription Bonuses and tropical vacation is how Drug Companies get Doctors to forget (and repeatedly, regularly violate) their HIPPOCRATIC OATHS.

    2. Hence, doctors are already morally and professionally compromised by Big Pharma.

    3. Consequently, many doctors have a JUSTIFICATION MINDSET toward drugs that works like a script robotically reciting reasons why drugs are good and how we should trust drug companies and the FDA because of their deficient, defective and wholly inadequate Drug Trials. The few limited Covid Vax trials showed they are unsafe.

    4. As licensed Drug Dealers, physicians have the MOST TO LOSE to increasing public awareness and distrust of Drug Companies, Vaccines, etc.

    5. As State & Federally Licensed Drug Dealers, Doctors are already under state and Federal control and any pulling or resistance on either of these leashes can get a license collar noosed around the throat.

    6. Doctors are accustomed to occupying positions of power and enforcing the unquestioning obedience of subordinates in which dictatorial exercise of power is a regular feature.

    7. Most doctors become physicians for the money and status — not to help and care for the sick. Medical school admissions screen out the altruistic, self-sacrificing in favor of the status driven and money-oriented.

    8. Because of their status and prestige, many doctors believe they are above the law.

  46. The Government surreptitiously drugs you with SODIUM FLUORIDE in your Tap Water (Hence Beer-Wine EVERYTHING) and toothpaste. Says POISON right on the Tube. Lowers IQ and makes you easy to brainwash. Ingredient in SSRI Antidepressants, I can TALK to someone who uses fluoride and tell. GET OFF THAT SH^T.

  47. As an RN with 30+ years experience, I can say this article is spot on. I left my position after seeing much of what was discussed; isolating Covid (+) pts, bullying those of us who chose not to get the vaccine, and the utter refusal to entertain the idea that a pts symptoms could be related to the vaccine thus not reporting to VAERS. The career I chose in order to help others turned before my eyes. It became evident that I needed to walk away due to the ethical issues and moral injury it was causing me. Healthcare is no longer provided by Doctors, Nurses and ancillary staff. It is run by big Pharma, insurance companies, and government/politicians. Saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  48. Read the story of Ignaz Semmelweis. He, too, tried to wake up the medical community with the reality that the doctors were killing patients by not treating their contaminated hands before delivering babies (they would work with cadavers and other sick patients and then deliver babies before they knew about germs. He pushed and pushed (albiet obnoxiously) and they laughed and mocked b/c they couldn’t live with themselves if they realized they had killed those they lived to help. The midwives had much lower mortality rates and the young women were terrified to be treated by the doctors in Vienna General Hospital’s First Obstetrical Clinic. It was tragic but telling. People need to WAKE UP.

  49. “If any more doctors and nurses leave this field, we’ll turn into a third world,” says one ICU nurse. “We won’t be a premier medical destination. It’s real­ly scary to see how everything is unfolding.”

    I think that’s the plan.

    While healthcare providers are being forced out for refusing vaccinations, the hospitals and institutions are busy recruiting and advertising overseas for H1b visa applicants.
    They are guaranteed to be cheaper, more compliant and will not be speaking to reporters like Joel Kirkpatrick for fear of deportation.


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