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City Council March 2024 Meetings Summary

The following summary is from regular city council meetings on Tuesday, March 19, and Tuesday, March 26, 2024.


Pending Lien: Chris Meske vs. City of Thousand Oaks, WCAB Number: ADJ11249452; Los Robles Regional Medical Center Lien Claimant.

Initiation of litigation, 1 potential case discussed.


March is recognized as Donate Life Month. Denise, Donna and David Belko, whose son Michael was a donor, were presented with a framed proclamation.

March 18-24 is recognized as Crossing Guard Appreciation Week. A proclamation was given to Graham Watts, the Emergency and Transit Programs administrator.

Mayor Al Adam presented a framed proclamation declaring March American Red Cross Month. Councilman Bob Engler shared the long history he and his wife have with the Red Cross. Dr. Rulang Ma invited three local volunteers to share their experiences with the Red Cross. 


Mayor Al Adam, Mayor Pro Tem David Newman, Councilman Bob Engler and Councilman Kevin McNamee attended the Annual Federal Meetings and 2024 National League of Cities Congressional City Conference in Washington, D.C. from March 7-13, 2024.

Newman and Engler attended the Channel Counties Division of the League of California Cities on Feb. 23, 2024, in Buellton. Engler said the discrepancy between the Governor’s projected $37 billion deficit and the Legislative Analyst’s Office’s projected $73 billion deficit was discussed among members. Newman said other cities are also wrestling with housing and public safety. Mayor Adam, speaking of Division members, mentioned Santa Barbara is planning to build a second Navigation Center (Theirs has served as a model for the Navigation Center Thousand Oaks is building on Lawrence Dr in Newbury Park.) Adam noted there have been no problems with neighboring businesses at all.


Clint Fultz of Thousand Oaks talked about his work with Conejo Climate Coalition.

Carol Shelton, vice president of the Autism Society of Ventura County, shared news of an event.

Karen Wilburn, with Newbury Park Advocates for Sensible Planning, called for transparency from public speakers. They should be asked to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Greg Main (online) of Thousand Oaks asked why gas-powered blowers haven’t been banned yet.

Cynthia Geiselman of Westlake Village said parking and traffic near Westlake Elementary and Little Potrero Rd was dangerous.

Jon Sirugo (online) of Newbury Park supported Greg Main‘s suggestion to ban gas-powered blowers.

Michelle Yee (online) did not appear.

Marie Burdzisnki said Lang Ranch Elementary was taken off the list for crossing guards. (Technical difficulties cut her comment short.)

Etevia Bragar of Thousand Oaks, a parent and employee of Lang Ranch Elementary, said crossing guards were needed.

City Manager Andrew Powers told Cynthia that Jim Mashiko would chat with her in the lobby. Powers said gas-powered blowers were scheduled to be discussed at the April 9 Council meeting. He clarified that there have been no changes to crossing guards this year; the city is only gathering data.


$4,044,544 Toro Enterprises Inc. of Oxnard for Rancho Conejo Biotech Area Sidewalk Project.

$2,745,110 Spiess Construction Co Inc. of Orcutt for La Granada Reservoir Improvements Project (CI 5292).

$444,852 C & W Construction Specialties Inc. of Ventura for Guard Rail Repairs Project (MI 2574).

$273,480 HDR Engineering Inc. of Ventura for the Wilder Reservoir Improvements Project (CI 5294).

$209,725 Harper & Associates Engineering Inc. of Corona for engineering support services during the construction of the La Granada Reservoir Improvements Project (CI 5292).

$60,800 Southern California Edison for street light fees for the Rancho Conejo Biotech Area Sidewalk Project.

$20,000 California-American Water Company for water meters and connection charges for the Rancho Conejo Biotech Area Sidewalk Project.

Two 2023-24 Community Grant Agreements were amended:

$4,500.00 original Conejo Open Space Foundation (COSF) grant for a Speaker Series was revised to use for an environmental education event. Contract #13229-2023.

$2,500.00 original Thousand Oaks High School (TOHS) softball equipment and batting cage improvements grant was replaced to allow use for a new locker room project. Contract #13514-2024.


Attorneys Fees – Title 1, Chapter 6, added Section 1-6.04, permitting recovery of attorneys’ fees by the prevailing party in a nuisance abatement action or proceeding (introduced 2/27/2024; Approved 5-0).

Campaign Title 1, Chapter 13, Section 4, regarding electronic campaign disclosure statements and Fair Political Practices Commission filings (introduced 2/27/2024; Approved 5-0).

Housing Element Program Implementation (MCA 2024-70001 and Z 2024-70001). Ordinance amending Section 9-4.301 and Section 9-4.2816, and adding Section 9-4.310, Article 10.5, Section 9-4.2104.5, and Section 9-4.2529 to establish mixed-use (MU) zoning regulations and as required by the 2021-2029 housing element (MCA 2024-70001). Classification of certain properties to mixed-use (MU), mixed-use overlay zone (MUOZ), and residential planned development (RPD-10U) to align with general plan land use designations (Z 2024-70001). (Initiated 3/19/2024; 5-0) PUBLIC COMMENT: Jackson Piper (online) of unincorporated Newbury Park, a member of NIMBY, Conejo Housing Coalition, supports mixed-use change.

Proposed 78-Unit For-Sale Affordable Housing Project – two parcels of about 3.86 acres at 384 Erbes Road. Residential Planned Development Permit 2023-70014-RPD, Parcel Merger 2023-70001-TTM, Planned Tree Permit 2023-70125-PTP, and Landscape Plan Check 2023-70020-LPC. Approved 5-0. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Kat Selm (online) of the Conejo Housing and Climate Coalitions supported the project; Doug Baker (online) of Newbury Park said it was a great example of in-fill development; Jackson Piper (online) supported the home ownership project; and Carol Shelton, also part of the Conejo Housing Coalition, supported the project.

Janss Marketplace Specific Plan Initiation (SP-2024-70001: NewMark Merrill Companies): Change the zoning of the property from the current “Community Shopping Center” (C-3) and “Community Shopping Center Height Limit Overlay” (C-3-H) to “Specific Plan” (SP). Approved 5-0. PUBLIC COMMENT: Jackson Piper (online) supported the change and hoped for more housing eventually.


Proposed Comprehensive Cancer Center (400 East Rolling Oaks Drive) and Residential Capacity Transfer (355 West Janss Road). Applicants: HCA Healthcare – Los Robles Hospital. (Zone Change 2022-70733-Z). Approved 4-1, with Newman dissenting. PUBLIC COMMENTS: 43 of 46 scheduled speakers spoke; 19 were in support, and 24 were opposed. Supporters appreciated the centralization of services. Those opposed favored the concept, just not at the Rolling Oaks Dr location. In order of appearance: Rick Lemmo, Cathy Voltz, Diane McKay, Lauren Lurch, Heather McCauley, Julia Ladd, Cristina Ferrare, Tony Thomopoulos, Donna Dichirico, John Short, Joyce Marcarelli, Karen Wilburn, Dave Ganzer, Lynn Burdick, Maximillian Sluiter, Barbara Ballenger, Robert Marcarelli, Jaclyn Santiago, Jeff Moyer, Jack Talbott, Ruben Maciel, Patricia Jones, George Jones, Bryan Radosavcev, Elena Radosavcev, Christine Scholl, Wes Meyers, Tim McGrath, William Kohler, Lisa DiLallo, Susan Gulbrandsen, Blake Landis, Charles Cohen, Monica Murrietta, Mike Nicholls, Robert Cashier, Danielle Borja, Bryan McQueeney, Don Morris, Patrick McGinnis, Jackson Piper (online), Robbie Gluckson (online), and Jim Weintraub. Comments submitted via letter or email, included in the supplemental packet: (6 individuals: 3 supported, 2 opposed, 1 unclear) Mark Sellers, Gill and Lynda Kessler, A. Huffine, Karen Martin, Martha Shapiro.


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