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Conejo Valley Unified School District March 2024 Board Meetings Summary

The following summary is from regular school board meetings on Wednesday, March 6, and Wednesday, March 27, 2024.


Conference with Real Property Negotiators regarding 2000 La Granada Dr., Thousand Oaks, MATES Charter School.

Conference with Real Property Negotiators regarding 1335 Calle Bouganvilla, Thousand Oaks, BRIDGES Charter School.


Change to Scheduled Board Meeting Date from Wednesday, June 19, to Thursday, June 20, due to the Juneteenth holiday.


Westlake High School (WHS) won the 2024 Ventura County Academic Decathlon.

2024 Marmonte League Co-Champions from Thousand Oaks High School (TOHS): Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Wrestling. 2024 CIF Coastal Division Individual Wrestling Champion from TOHS.


Brian Winic‘s property shares a driveway with the Conejo Valley Adult School (CVAS). He was concerned about access to the nearby park and the impact on traffic and the neighborhood. He asked the District to communicate with neighbors on any projects that may affect them.

Sheila Harkrider donated her time to Maria Shaw, who lamented, “I see a once-sane society disappearing.” She asked the Board how they could approve $705,000 for construction of “All-Access” bathrooms, which require male and female students to share bathrooms on school campuses. “What would inspire you to do this?” she asked, concerned. “What you could be giving them the opportunity to do.” Shaw asked if teachers or campus workers would also be sharing bathrooms with students. She urged all parents to attend a petition-signing event on Tuesday, April 2, at Dave and Busters from 4-7:00 p.m. to put an initiative on the November ballot to reverse some of the Governor’s dangerous policies and protect girls’ sports and student safety.

Allison Walton is a soon-to-be resident of Waverly Heights. Her baby is a frequent visitor to the nearby park, which she described as a wonderful place for a young family. She was alarmed the school would take that access away from her neighborhood without even letting them know. “We are neighbors with the school. We should know,” she told Board members.

John Brooks from the Sustainability Division at the City of Thousand Oaks presented a copy of the City’s draft environmental action plan. He invited the Board to review it and provide feedback. He mentioned that the plan targets quality of life issues more than huge emission topics. The City Council will address the Plan on April 9 and April 23.

Diana Merville‘s property backs up to CVAS. She said the community and school district have always had shared access, but her neighbors weren’t notified that fencing would be put up. It’s blocking access to horses. Her own property has drainage that goes to the arroyo, which is on the school property and often requires clearing during heavy rain. She asked where baseball parents will park for weekend games. Also, the proposed gate and guard shack will likely cause traffic to back up onto Montgomery. Notification and collaboration are needed for a solution that will work for everybody.

Stacia Watson donated time to Julie Frumin, a licensed MFT and wellness expert at the Four Seasons. Frumin leads the Ventura County Chapter of MAMA – Mothers Against Media Addiction. She implored the District to make changes to technology policies, to combat compulsive media use among students, encouraging a healthy childhood.

Yalda S. donated time to Victoria Grether, who shared alarming statistics on children’s screen time and device use. Social Media applies a lot of pressure on non-users, which often marginalizes students who don’t use it. Frumin advocates a new approach: Delay. Teach. Model. Homework time is often lengthened because students toggle devices and work. Protect adolescence.

Marci Sohan donated time to Laura. Get phones out of our schools. We’ve heard stories from teachers about students who answer phones in class and parents who frequently text their children during class time. Some have used a brown bag to hold phones during class time. Studies show literacy scores are impacted by phone use. During worst-case scenarios, students can focus on emergency directions and contact family from a safe location.

Julia C. donated time to Sylvie Bosrau, a CVUSD parent and employee at Weathersfield Elementary. She pleaded with the Board to adopt a technology policy. Student attention spans are affected by short-form videos on social media. Courting Gen Z and Gen Alpha by social media companies is their business strategy, she warned. They only care about profit, not the mental health of students. Children are exposed to addictive content.

Brad Merville, a resident near CVAS, asked how he might get or learn of replies to questions he and others asked. Is fencing going to affect both entrances to neighborhoods? How will it affect parking for the ballpark? His property is affected by a storm drain on school property, which often threatens to flood his home. Superintendent Mark McLaughlin assured him staff would contact him. 

McLaughlin, responding to the Waverly Heights commenters, said, “We do have an obligation to make our campus safe … We have not worked out all of the details … and will communicate with you as much as we can.” Victor Hayek, deputy superintendent of business services, said the parking lot was slated for repaving, and the District didn’t’ want to tear it up later to install fencing.

Grace, WHS Key Club member, along with teacher advisor Cristy Warner and other Kiwanis K-Kids Club students from Weathersfield Elementary, shared their efforts with crophungerwalk.org. The public was invited to a fundraiser by Grayson, co-president of K-Kids. Charlotte, sergeant-at-arms for K-Kids, presented 100 pairs of socks to Amber Bowman of Conejo Closet. Funds raised by the hunger walk will go to Harbor House, Manna Food Bank, Harvest Food Bank and the Conejo Valley and Westlake Village Meals On Wheels. Camille, member of K-Kids. Jaylin, VP of K-Kids, said, “Help make it someone’s lucky day.” 

Lana Clark, executive director of the Conejo Schools Foundation, Play It Forward musical instrument drive – gently used instrument donations through 3/22. Hosting Annual State of the Schools address, 4:30 p.m. at CLU on April 11.

Honorary Student Trustee Naima Kahl mentioned students’ conversations about the increasing frequency of fights on campus.


The Facility Use Fee Schedule for 2024-2025 was approved with an 8.22% increase for both Tier II and Tier III pricing. Rates were increased by 13.5% in 2023. PUBLIC COMMENT: George Cabrera, president of the Conejo Youth Basketball Association, expressed gratitude for the 30-year use of facilities and looked forward to continued partnership.

2023-2024 Second Interim Financial Statements submitted.

Local Control Accountability Plan goals amended.

OAH Case 2023110454 approved.

More than 100 Chromebooks deemed obsolete have been approved for sale by Sycamore Canyon School. Dozens of other Chromebooks, printers, projectors, cameras and digital equipment at other campuses are to be reallocated or disposed of.


$14,489,177 Certificated Teachers

$6,359,300 Classified Staff


American Fidelity is the Section 125 Flexible Spending provider for the District. They handle “pre-tax” items such as medical benefit contributions, dependent day care, prescriptions, and other medical-related items, disability income insurance, accident-only insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, life insurance, and 403b services.

Two legal firms were approved for 2-year service terms:
The Feldhake Law Firm, of Aliso Viejo, for retention on the CVUSD adv. Carden Westlake Village, Inc. case (GHC0044466) at $300.00 per hour for attorneys, $150.00 per hour for paralegals, and $75.00 per hour for legal assistants.
Baker, Keener & Nahra, LLC of Los Angeles at a rate of $400/hr.

$1,790,214 Transportation Plan for School Year 2023-2024

$1,400,000 Cortica Behavioral Health Inc. to hire temporary staff to fill vacant special education-related service positions.

$1,000,000 Maxim Healthcare Staffing Services Inc. to hire temporary staff to fill vacant special education-related service positions.

$777,428 Broadvoice 3-year dial tone services.

$600,000 The Genesis Group Inc. to hire temporary staff to fill vacant special education-related service positions.

$393,000 Scott and Sons Electric for new fire alarm project at Ladera STARS Academy (Ladera).

$302,200 Finish Line Paving for asphalt paving at Westlake High School (WHS) student parking lot.

$125,800 CDW-G for FreshService Pro Help Desk Ticketing and Asset Management system.

$115,000 Ventura County Office of Education to provide physical therapy specialists for assessments, provide classroom consultations, direct services, and attend IEP meetings for CVUSD students.

$112,365 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley for June and July Summer Camp through the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP Program) for students in grades TK-5 at the Redwood Middle School (Redwood MS).

$69,720 Boys & Girls Club of Greater Conejo Valley Inc. at either the Anderson or Morton Club on campus at Los Cerritos Middle School or Sequoia Middle School (Sequoia MS) to incoming sixth-grade students who are English Learners, socioeconomically disadvantaged, McKinney-Vento, and/or foster students and 7th grade McKinney-Vento students for a full day as part of our ELOP Program.

$58,740 STAR Inc. is for the EL0P Summer Program for K-5th grade students who are attending he July Summer Learning Camp at Glenwood Elementary and Walnut Elementary.

$48,000 Department of General Services/Office of Administrative Hearings to furnish the services of Administrative Law Judges and case management staff to the District for the purpose of managing cases and conducting hearings.

$28,800 Be GLAD LLC, of San Jose, for cognitive coaching days at Madrona Elementary.

$23,001 Ventura County Office of Education to provide orientation and mobility specialists for assessments, provide classroom consultations, direct services, and attend IEP meetings for CVUSD students.  

$22,653 Simi Valley Unified School District agreement for special education classes and services for contract #11-23/24.

$21,926  International Institute for Restorative Practices to train 45 staff in “Restorative Practices for Educators” and 10 district and site administrators, teachers, and counselors in “Training of Trainers: Fundamentals of Restorative Practices.”

$21,696 Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute is for 5th-grade EARThS Magnet School (EARThS) students to attend an extended overnight field trip at a residential science school in the San Bernardino Mountains.

$18,801 Child Care program vendors for spring camp and end-of-year events: $4,077 Mister Softee; $3,175 Paint Pals Clubhouse; $2,565 Puppies and Reptiles for Parties;  $1,600 Tawni’s Ponies & Petting Farm Inc. d/b/a Tawni’s Ponies; $1,395 Best Entertainment & Events Inc. d/b/a Best Bubble Parties; $1,180 Tim Jennings d/b/a Foamin’ Fun; $1,167 Magic Jump Rentals Ventura LLC; $990 Carl Abajian d/b/a Captain Carl; $852 Shumbar LLC d/b/a Jolly Jump; $700 John Garcia d/b/a Gamez on Wheelz; $500 Uncle Chris’ Italian ice; $300 Balloon Decor by Ritchie; $300 Danny Moreno d/b/a Arty Loon Show.

$18,000 Joey Bishop Motorsports to maintain and repair the golf carts on the WHS campus.

$11,067 EdClub, Inc. (TypingClub) software for grades 1 through 5 to improve and learn new skills through a computer or any keyboard-based device.

$10,950 Total Compensation Systems Inc. for GASB accounting, retiree health benefits consulting services.

$10,443 Overnight Trip Request for WHS students to attend the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Conference in Anaheim.

$10,307 Ventura County Office of Education occupational therapy specialists for assessments, provide classroom consultations, direct services, and attend IEP meetings for CVUSD students.

$10,000 Overnight Trip Request for 10 Newbury Park High School (NPHS) students to attend the Robotics National Competition in Houston, Texas, April 17-20.

$5,786 In-N-Out Burger for senior sunset event in June at NPHS.

$5,200 Premier Martial Arts Classes that focus on meeting the California PE Standards and Transformative Social and Emotional Learning Competencies. Classes TK to 5th grade, for 13 weeks at Conejo Academy.

$5,000 CRPD for pool use at NPHS and TOHS, or 5% of maintenance costs.

$4,500 Mario the Maker Magician for TK-5 enrichment assembly at Sycamore Canyon School (Sycamore).

$4,128 Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD) for recess activities program at Westlake Elementary.

$4,050 CRPD for recess program at Madera Elementary.

$4,030 Elevation Education Solution LLC to provide easy-to-use technology and process workflow designed to seamlessly unify the efforts of parents, counselors, teachers, support staff, and administrators to maximize the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes of students.

$4,000 Ventura County Office of Education Vocational Education Paid Intern Agreement. VCOE CEC/Automotive Technology Program CVUSD students to receive a paid internship of $16.00 per hour for up to 12.5 hours a week while attending the program.

$3,989 Simi Valley Unified School District Memorandum of Understanding for special education contract #III-22/23.

$3,247 Oaks Event Rentals for graduation at TOHS.

$3,040 SOS Entertainment LLC for spring dance and 8th grade promotion dance at Redwood MS.

$3000 Uncle Chris’ Italian Ice for Renaissance events at Sequoia MS.

$2,975 Michael Cubos-FryNew for one assembly and two days of PE classes at Westlake Hills Elementary.

$2,000 Subzero Ice Cream for STEM demonstration at WHS.

$1,950 CRPD for PE/recreational sports at Ladera.

$1,900 The Music Center for a music assembly at WMD.

$1,867 Jolly Jumps for the end-of-year carnival at Sycamore.

$1,800 Conejo Recreation and Park District for recess program at Maple.

$1,785 Magic Jump Rentals for obstacles at Westlake Hills.

$1,567 Satellite Sports Group d/b/a Perfection on Wheels for BMX show at Cypress.

$1,551 Island Packers field trip for Conejo Academy of Leadership and Language Immersion.

$1,142 High Touch High Tech Inc. for science assemblies at Banyan.

$1,060 Futboleros for soccer assembly at Wildwood Elementary.

$1,050 We Adorn You LA for an airbrush tattoo at Sycamore.

$1,035 Healthy Screen Habits will address social media use by teens and explore both the benefits and harms that accompany its use in a Breakthrough Parent presentation at Century Academy.

$968 Dave and Buster’s field trip for Conejo Oaks Academy students’ end-of-year celebration.

$850 TNT Dunk Squad for a 2-man acrobatic slam dunk assembly at Westlake Hills.

$750 Next Gen Community Consulting’s Gabe Teran will address strategies for substance use prevention in Spanish as part of a Breakthrough Parent presentation.

$718 Jolly Jumps for the carnival at Colina Middle School.

$649 Mobile Zoo of Southern California for the recess program at Maple.

$607 Mad Science for an assembly at Sycamore.

$600 Holman Family Counseling Inc. for three one-hour webinars for district employees on sleep and exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness.

$525 Gamez on Wheelz for laser tag at Sycamore.

$500 Hittman Mobile Music (Daryl Hitt) for a photo booth at the 8th grade promotion dance at Sycamore.

$300 California Lutheran University for use of a conference facility for TOHS.

$250 Glamour Party Girls for Fun Run prizes at Sycamore.

$0 Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream for the carnival at Sycamore.

$0 Kona Ice of Thousand Oaks for the school carnival at Sycamore.

$0 Cronies Sports Grill for the carnival at Sycamore.

$0 Mr. Softee for the carnival at Sycamore.

$0 Freda’s Pizza for the carnival at Sycamore.

$0 Overnight Trip Requests for high school spring co-curricular teams that may advance to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs or state competition.

$0 Idaho State University Speech-Language Pathology Program Student Placement Agreement.

$0 Azusa Pacific University Student Teacher Placement Agreement

$0 University of Texas at Arlington School Social Work Agreement

$0 Taiko Drumming for drumming assembly at Acacia.

$0 Michaelbrent Collings for author speech at Madera.


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