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Thank you for your interest in The Conejo Guardian Newspaper. Our non-profit publication is supported fully through advertising and public contributions.

Advertising with The Conejo Guardian Newspaper gives you the opportunity to invite over 111,000* local community members to your business through your print ad. We deliver to 37,000 driveways each month in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. Our monthly print edition allows you the frequency to connect you with the community, without losing your advertisements “shelf life” by printing too frequently.

Our team of representatives are here to discuss your business’s advertising needs so that we can formulate a proposal that supports all parties involved. While there are many options online and in print to utilize in your mixed marketing plan, we thank you for the time to allow us to educate you on how ours can benefit yours.

For more information including rates, recommendations, and ad specifications please email [email protected]

We look forward to working together.

*111,000 = average household of 3 residents

We reserve the right to refuse ads that are of very poor quality or that violate community standards.