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Gender-Mixing Bathrooms Coming to All Conejo Valley Public Schools

Construction of highly controversial “All Access” bathrooms, defined as restrooms accommodating multiple male and female students at the same time, has begun at area high schools and is expected to continue at all district campuses.

All CVUSD elementary, middle and high school campuses will soon force students to use gender-mixing restrooms.

During an update on Measure I projects earlier this year, Drew Pletcher, chair of the Measure I Bond Oversight Committee, said that construction at Newbury Park High School would begin in February and conclude before the end of the school year, allowing boys and girls to use toilets in the same restroom, at the same time. The construction bid was awarded to David Atkin Construction Inc. of Ventura.

Thousand Oaks and Westlake High School will begin construction of their gender-mixing bathrooms between now and summer.

Gender-mixing restrooms are being built at area middle schools as well. Redwood Middle School began construction this March, and all middle schools will have such restrooms by July 1, 2026, because of Senate Bill 760, signed last fall by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Elementary campuses will soon have shared boy-girl restrooms as well. At Conejo Elementary, where there is a dual-language academy offering instruction in both English and Spanish and where enrollment is 81 percent Hispanic, according to CVUSD enrollment reports, construction drawings are being drafted now. It is the first Conejo Valley elementary school to have gender-mixing restrooms forced upon it. The remaining elementary campuses are also being forced to construct gender-mixing restrooms, whose plans are now in the design phase.


  1. You have got to be kidding me. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    I cannot believe that it is come to this as a mother of four children. I have already experienced problems and situations in the bathroom already being separated. Now you’re going to put them together get ready for a lot of more sexual assaults predators molesters you are going to have a huge problem on your hands. More importantly, what can I do to stop this?

  2. It is not exactly like that. The district is only making one restroom gender natural. no one is forcing the students to use it. It will have a large roll up door opening the entire room for public view only part that is private is the individual stall which are actual rooms with a regular door on it. I understand other concerns not mentioned, but saying they are forced to use mixed gender restrooms is not true.

  3. Gavin Newson signed this. What a slime ball. Why do Californians continue to vote democratic? This is what you get. Good luck. I pity the girls who are going to be molested. Adults are supposed to protect children not create harmful situations. This is disgusting.

  4. Looks like you parents and grandparents with common sense need to run for the School Board.

    This is a immoral way to run a high school board. Teen age boys are already full of hormones with little experience of controlling them, and putting girls in the same bathroom at the same time means the amount of rapes in the high schools will soar. If the schools even report them.

  5. Ok, where do I begin. This has got to be the most absolute disrespectful, insane move I have ever heard of. Putting boys and girls in the same bathroom to do their private business without worrying about getting raped, molested, humiliated and God forbid beaten up and irreversibly maimed to the point where they will feel abused, neglected and unsafe. What next, adding beds or private closets? Parents you have a voice, and you have actions to make sure this will not work. First take your child out of any school promoting this! Second there will be tons of lawyers waiting to take your case when, not if, something bad happens. I would not want to wait for it to come to that, but it will. I am sure there will be lawyers either paid if you can or pro bono lawyers waiting to help where you won’t pay unless you win. A good chance you will win. Unfortunately, it will take your effort and time you may not have. But would you rather have your child at a huge risk of being damage both mentally and physically for the rest of their precious lives? Now, you as parents must pick your battles for your children. Pick wisely or lose them to a system built to change the ongoing agenda to ruin their lives and change them into a child so full of fear and disruptive behavior they will lose whatever good has been instilled in them and grow up to be a confused, and angry human being. It is already bad enough with what they are teaching them in this gender freak show at the youngest of ages. We are to protect our children and not exploit them in fear of what others who are sick enough to approve of this insidious act of indecent exposure to their male or female genitalia. My God people what have we come to, to allow such horrific circumstances in our next generation, to which will only carry this on to only intensify this nefarious ideology. Do you care? I know most of you are doing the best you can. Some are single and have to work to put food on your table. School is not your babysitter, nor should it be. So, you ask what are you to do? There are free programs to assist you but you as a parent must seek them out. They do not publish them as they get shut down by the same people who are doing this for money not you or your children. You can also consider to forming mini school pop-ups. Even some teachers who disagree with this might volunteer to guide you, or possibly be in on a pop-up schooling place. Parents can get together and work out scheduling. Gather at homes where a parent or parents are available and rotate hours, days, and help each other in saving your child and money that would go towards this. Home-schooling is a wonderful way to avoid a situation that can never be reversed, and the hours can be adjusted accordingly. Plus, you would be shutting down any financial responsibility to that institution. No money no school. Maybe it works or not, are you willing to take that chance for your child? It is worth your child’s best interests not the governments. We cannot afford the repercussions either way. Shut this down now or deal with the consequences. May God bless you all.

  6. You can thank Governor Newsom (Democrat) for this. He signed a bill mandating all CA public schools to have all-gender mixed bathrooms by 2026, and requiring schools to allow boys who identify and pretend to be girls to be in girls-only teams. This means biological boys will not only compete with girls but will have legal access to girls lockers and showers.

  7. This is unacceptable! Please, please protect your children and take them out of the public schools, and homeschool or go private, if affordable. Every child deserves to have school choice like many states are now offering.

  8. FIRE GAVIN NEWSOME! He is ridiculous and unconscionable! I’ll bet his kids go to a private school where the bathrooms are seperate according to their gender at birth.


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