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Conejo Valley Unified School Board January Meeting Summary

The following summary is from the regular school board meeting on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.


Negotiations over price and terms of payment with MATES Charter School at 2000 La Granada Dr., Thousand Oaks.

Negotiations over price and terms of payment with Bridges Charter School at 1335 Calle Bouganvilla, Thousand Oaks.

An employee was Disciplined/Dismissed/Released.


Newbury Park High School (NPHS) Boys Football is recognized as Canyon League Co-Champions.
Thousand Oaks High School (TOHS) Marching Band is recognized as 2023 Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) Field Show Championships – First Place, Division 3A.

First-year band director, CVUSD alum, James Rumanap.


Dashia, a former student support services employee and current grant writer, introduced herself to the Board.


Goldberg suggested cash-strapped schools take public city buses for field trips.


Proposed core literature titles will be available for public viewing and discussion on February 6 and 15 at 5:30 p.m. The Board will vote on the books at its February 21 meeting. Register for the virtual preview nights at

  • Almost American Girl by Robin Ha (Grade 8).
  • Overground Railroad by Candacy Taylor (11CP/AP/IB).
  • Piranesi by Susanna Clarke (AP English Lit and Comp).

National School Counseling Week resolution #23/24-20 approved for February 5-9, 2024.

Lunar New Year resolution #23/24-19 approved, recognizing February 10, 2024, as the Year of the Dragon.

Bond Measure I Financial Audit for 2022-2023 was received. The audit was performed by Moss, Levy & Hartzheim LLP of Culver City. Hayek said it was a clean audit. This is the third audit firm since Measure I was implemented. A lot more detailed and communication, Hayek said.

Certificated $14,218,100
Classified $6,125,687

December: $105,255.
Total for the 2023-24 school year: $916,825.

Parent Support/Booster Organization Reauthorization for Westlake Hills Elementary PFA Booster. For a current list of booster financials for 2022-23, see charts.

$8,842,138 Warrants paid during December 2023.

$75,795 contracts for Non-Public School Placement for 2023-24:

  • $40,441 contract #15-23/24
  • $35,354 contract #16-23/24

$65,000 contract with Cross Country Education to provide support with vision/hearing screenings.

$62,965 contract with WOW! Events for NPHS Prom at The Vineyards in Simi Valley.

$30,480 Memorandums of Understanding with Pleasant Valley School District to provide Special Education classes and services for two students.

$30,205 STS Education’s Statement of Work (SOW) to perform configuration and setup services on the District’s ECF-funded Chromebooks.

$19,800 Be GLAD, LLC for cognitive coaching days promoting language skills, academic achievement, and cross-cultural skills.

$12,253 Workers’ Compensation Claim #1993800112 approved.

$8,200 Ultimate Entertainment, LLC d/b/a The Fun Company for carnival games, inflatables, small rides, face painting, and balloon character making for the Spring Carnival at Los Cerritos Middle School on May 3, 2024.

$5,975 contract with 1 Shine Youth to provide a performing arts production highlighting African Americans’ cultural heritage on February 27, 2024, at Los Cerritos Middle School, WHS and NPHS.

$4,410 WestEd for online California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), the California School Staff Survey (CSSS), and the California School Parent Survey (CSPS) throughout CVUSD for 2023-24.

$4,050 Conejo Recreation and Park District for PE/Recreational Sports at Ladera.

$2,610 NWEA, a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, for software subscription service at Conejo Valley High School.

$2,500 Simun Psychological Assessment Group, PC, for assessment and support services to a student enrolled in the district.

$2,000 Adam Leff, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Gilberto Jesus Gonzalez Aguilar, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Graig Sakuma, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Jonathan Alvarez, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Josue Flores Reyes, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Michael Schuyler, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Robert Caulfield, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Tim Trotman, soccer referee at NPHS.

$2,000 Abraham Ruiz, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Alexis Gregory, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Connor Gerety, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Emanuel Catalan, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Gabriel Garcia, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Gregory Josh Parker, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Ivan Castro, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Mark Tietjen, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Michael Gregory, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Paul Johnson, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Robert Krostag, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Victor Medina, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Efrain Rodriguez Aguilar, soccer referee at TOHS.

$2,000 Carlos Ramos, soccer referee at Westlake High School (WHS).

$2,000 Clark Woods, soccer referee at WHS.

$2,000 Davis Sharts, soccer referee at WHS.

$2,000 Jaden Nachlmzon, soccer referee at WHS.

$2,000 Ryan Woods, soccer referee at WHS.

$2,000 Yahir Gonzalez, soccer referee at WHS.

$1,950 Didgeridoo Down Under for character-building assemblies, Australian music and education at Walnut.

$1,495 Mobile Ed Productions Inc for mobile planetarium at Banyan.

$850 Tricky Tim (Tim Jennings) for the magic show at Ladera.

Art Trek Inc. art classes at Maple (paid by donor, Jess Weihe).

Apex Leadership Co., for Fun Run at Acacia and Madera (paid by PTA).

Almost American Girl by Robin Ha for Middle School.
Overground Railroad by Candacy Taylor for High School.
Piranesi by Susanna Clarke for High School.

2022/2023 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC) approved and viewable here:


Attorney Board Bylaw 9124 updated procedures for cost-effective legal services and how/who may initiate legal services.

Conflict of Interest Designated Positions and Filing Officers of Board Bylaw 9270 is amended to include the addition of a designated certificated management position.

Assignment Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4113 expands language on the assignment of teachers to departmentalized classes outside their credential authorization, assignment of teachers to elective courses outside their credential authorization, and assignment to special schedules.

Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1312.2 prohibits Governing Boards from refusing “inclusive” books. Lists criteria for challenges and provides that, unless required by law, any challenged material that is reviewed by the district will not be subject to further reconsideration for 12 months. Complaint procedure for nonprinted material.

Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities Board Policy 0410 defines discrimination in library books and textbooks, requires an inclusive curriculum, and outlines a complaint procedure. The policy states a district may not separate students based on race, but may include group discussions or activities that focus on race as part of the curriculum, courses, or programs so long as access or participation is not permitted or limited based on race.

Federal Grant Funds Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3230 clarifies requirements for the use and accounting of federal grant funds. Extends the timeframe for submitting the final report from 90 to 120 calendar days after the ending date of the grant. Requires districts to give preference to U.S. products and increase the threshold for “micro-purchases” and “small purchases” that qualify for simplified procurement procedures. The regulation also adds the requirement to provide for disciplinary actions to be applied when officers, employees, or representatives of the district violate conflict of interest standards.

Financial Reports and Accountability Board Policy 3460 requires districts to discuss the need for an emergency apportionment at a regular or special meeting at which parents/guardians, the exclusive representatives of employees of the district, and other members of the community have the opportunity to provide testimony.

Commendations and Awards Board Policy 1150 is updated to address the commendation of community members and organizations and the types of commendations and awards that may be presented by the Board.

Access to District Records Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1340 allows members of the public to use their own equipment on district premises, free of charge, to photograph, copy, or reproduce a disclosable district record, provided that the equipment does not make physical contact with the record. Confidential public records include an employee’s personal email address.

Uniform Complaint Procedures Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1312.3 clarifies book discrimination, requires “inclusive” curriculum and lists complaint procedures.

Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures Administrative Regulation 1312.4 requires “inclusive” curriculum, lists complaint procedures, addresses teacher misassignment claims for teachers lacking credentials or training to teach English learners, and authorizes districts to temporarily close a restroom for a documented student safety concern, an immediate threat to student safety, or to repair the facility.

Parent Guardian Notifications Board Policy 5145.6 requires districts to develop a plan to meet alternative formatting requirements for individuals with disabilities to enable individuals with speech, vision, and hearing disabilities to effectively communicate and participate in the Medi-Cal program.

Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency Services for Special Education Board Policy 6159.2 updates the use of seclusion and restraint as it relates to a free appropriate public education for students with disabilities placed in nonpublic schools.


CVUSD Adult Education Program (February)

Core Literature Update (TBD)

Ethnic Studies Update (TBD)

Madrona Elementary’s STEAM Activities (TBD)

Mastery Grading Update (TBD)


  1. I’m mid 2023 the CVUSD approved a bid to a company for approximately 1 million dollars to install security cameras to 28-30 school campuses and buildings. The project was supposed to be finished with 6 months of that awarded contract.
    weee there any discussion of those expenditures and updates?


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