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City of Thousand Oaks November 2023 Meeting Highlights

Existing Litigation: Katelyn Clint vs. Fred Gessler and City of Thousand Oaks, Ventura County Superior Court Case Number: 2021CUPA00551445.
Existing Litigation: Gregory Robinson, et al. vs. City of Thousand Oaks et al., Ventura County Superior Court Case Number: 2023CUPP013114
Pending Litigation: Jennifer Cuadra vs. The City of Thousand Oaks et al., Ventura County Superior Court Case #2023011972CUPP.
Pending Litigation: Danielle Cheree Williams vs. The City of Thousand Oaks et al, Ventura County Superior Court Case #2023013161CUPP.
Pending Litigation: Ramina Nunnelee vs. The City of Thousand Oaks et al., Ventura County Superior Court Case #202200563079CUPO.
Borderline Citywide Day of Remembrance. A video honoring each of the victims with music by local artist John Ondrasik was played.
Rorie Skei, outgoing Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) Chair, was recognized for her service.
Jackson Piper, online, Newbury Park – “We’ve given over a lot of space in our communities to cars, both in terms of parking and transportation networks … Maybe take some space back from cars.”
Kevin Schneider, online – did not make a comment.
Shoyab Patar, online, Imam from Conejo Valley – Referring to Kessler’s death, he said, “We are very saddened by this tragedy. We seek justice for one and all.”
Robert Gold – There’s a homeless encampment behind the assisted-living facility on Hillcrest. “It’s been policed over and over. We have 100 seniors living in that facility that are unable to use the public walkway intended for them to use.”
Michelle Gubay – Said homelessness concern is growing more and more apparent with loud cursing, dogs, and the smell of human waste. “Right outside our doors has become the new skid row in Thousand Oaks.”
Garrett Beatty III, Thousand Oaks – Wants to construct a First Responder Memorial for his Eagle Scout project. He requested donations to complete the project.
Ingra Jehovich, founder of Hillcrest Royale – “For several years, I have been addressing and standing before you regarding the homeless encampment.” For the sake of her business, she asked for the camp to be closed.
Audrey Garfunkle, Hillcrest Royal resident – “Residents would like to take a walk to CVS, but we’re unable to do so because of all these homeless people out there … I’m speaking for all the residents; please help us with this situation.”
Akshay Armachandran, Thousand Oaks – Thanked the council that the library celebrated Diwali this year.
Madhu Hebar, Thousand Oaks – Requested a Hindu Heritage Month proclamation be made by the city.
Maryanne Rubenstein, Hillcrest Royale employee – “My own mother lives there. She is too nervous now to walk to CVS through the parking lot. We do not have time. Help us find a solution so our family-owned business can serve the community.”
The city’s response to Hillcrest Royale was made by Assistant City Manager Ingrid Harding. She told them, “We are exploring any and all options to address homelessness. We will continue to have that dialogue. There are limits with state and federal laws.”
Hudson Freedman, high school junior – A wall at his school was vandalized with anti-Semitic words. He requested more monitoring of all protests.
Anne O’Neal, RN – Complained about residential acute-detox rehab and acute-psych centers in homes and residential neighborhoods opening around Thousand Oaks. “One in my neighborhood is next door to a two-year-old, and it’s not safe. There are ten to 15 cars at the home in my neighborhood.”
Daisy Segura-Longora, CSUCI student – SB 4 takes effect January 1, 2024, allowing nonprofit colleges and churches to provide 100% affordable housing. She asks the city for an outreach campaign to encourage use locally.
Mary Maver, Thousand Oaks – Works in the Coronary Care Unit at Los Robles. Shared anti-union harassing actions taken by HCA against staff. She said there is a “long-standing culture of fear at our hospital about speaking up … Nurses are leaving our hospital not for higher pay but for lack of support … Support our strike.”
Fred Okanaga – Borchard parcel, section 18.4, “needs to be changed from mixed-use back to any kind of residential zoning. Mixed-use will not benefit [the] area.”
Karen Wilburn – The planning commission could not approve the mixed-use of the Borchard parcel. Mr. Hehir warned members not to separate the parcel from last night’s [planning commission] vote, even though members didn’t want to adopt the parcel change.
Corey Clar, online, did not make a comment.
Patricia Manzanito, online, did not make a comment.
Jack Bernard, Thousand Oaks – Refers to car dependency. Class 4 bike lanes will help meet the goal of zero deaths.
Diego Martinez, Santa Rosa Valley – Supports reducing vehicle miles traveled. Many lanes are 12 feet wide; they could easily give 2 feet to bike lanes.
Jackson Piper, online, Newbury Park – Called for a shift in transportation modes so it’s not dominated by car travel. “Even electric cars cause air pollution… More significant protection is needed to protect cyclists, like barriers.”
$6,176,041 claim with Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) for the Transportation Development Act (TDA) allocation from the Local Transportation Fund (LTF) and an estimated $45,000 from the State Transit Assistance (STA) and State of Good Repair (SGR) funds.
$1,716,100 J. Vega Engineering Inc., contract for polybutylene service and valve replacements (CI 5646 & CI 5648).
$1,500,000 for a three-year Cotton, Shires and Associates, Inc., on-call contract.

$1,452,700 MNS Engineers Inc., contract for Lynn Road Class IV Bike Lane and Pedestrian Improvements (CI 5660).
$757,050 land management system contract with Park Consulting Group Corporation, Irvine, CA, for project management for the City’s Land Management System (LMS), November 15 – December 31, 2025.
$620,000 LAND PURCHASE – Arroyo Conejo Open Space Acquisition (865 W. Hillcrest Drive), Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 663-0-093-225 between the City of Thousand Oaks and Suzanne W. Zada, aka Suzanne Wiener Zada, aka Susan Weiner Zada, Trustee of the Suzanne W. Zada Rev Trust (50 percent interest); Community Television of Southern California (30 percent interest); and Inspiration Golden State, Inc., (20 percent interest).
$480,000 estimated Hill Canyon Treatment Plant digester backup boiler upgrade project (CI 5615), approved advertisement for construction bids.
$470,800 MNS Engineers Inc., Hillcrest Drive Bike Lane and Pedestrian Improvements (CI 5682).
$328,000 Waisman Construction, Inc., of Canoga Park, CA, contract for Municipal Service Center Elevator Modernization project (MI 2635).
A $200,000 contribution was received from the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) for the Conejo Canyons Bridge.
$2,555 Excess Workers’ Compensation Insurance Final Premium

Davin Carey, Anthony Gonzales, and John Short, III, reappointed to the Investment Review Committee through December 2025.
Dorothy Sullivan was appointed a citizen member to the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency.
Construction bids were sought for Unit W Wastewater Interceptor Improvements (CI 5445).
Habitat restoration bids were sought for Conejo Canyons Bridge at Hill Canyon Treatment Plant Project (CI 5527).

The Community Facilities District (Marketplace Public Pedestrian, Traffic Circulation, and Parking Facilities) annual report was received.
$655,857 for two Ford F-550, three Ford F-450, one Ford F-150, and two Ford F-350 Utility Trucks.
$56,044 for one John Deere Compact Excavator.

Water and wastewater rate increases, 3-11% each year.
Precise Plan of Design Guidelines (PPD), allow metal roofing at residential structures (PCP 2022-70669).
Greens Group, an Irvine-based development group, requested approval of a Homewood Suites & Home2 Suites Hotel at the site of the former Marshalls at the Janss Mall.
$610,892 extended contract with RRM Design Group of San Luis Obispo for Civic Arts Plaza Campus Master Plan Update and Site Strategy and Phasing Services agreement (MI 2582).


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