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Conejo Valley School Board September Meeting Highlights

From meetings held on September 6 & 20, 2023


  • Conejo Valley Unified School District v. Art Trek (Case 56-2021-00551873-CU-OR-VTA)
  • Anticipated Litigation with Carden Westlake Village, Inc.
  • Significant Exposure to Litigation (1 case)
  • Settlement approved for three cases: Non-OAH A-23/24, OAH 2023060775 and OAH 2023040588.
  • Labor Negotiations with Unified Association of Conejo Teachers.


  • In addition to June being designated a month of history focusing on non-biological sexual variations, October is now approved as an additional month.
    • Carol Shelton, Autism Society of Ventura County, spoke in support.
  • October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Unity Day is October 18, in which wearing the color orange represents “kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.”
  • Hayek said two months’ payroll in ending balance according to the actuarial report. He reminded the board that COVID stimulus money will go away next year.
  • Two weeks of the year, schools will promote high school voter registration – September 18-29 and April 15-26.
  • Oct. 8-14, 2023, designated “Week of the School Administrator.”
  • Public comments:
    • Bob Fleming, Carden Conejo School, campus denied lease renewal.
    • Kevin Doohan, Carden Conejo School, Director and Board Secretary. Non-profit Carden School. The termination upon sale clause forced the lease talks to end since the founder is selling the school to the non-profit. 35-year tenant. What alternate plans is CVUSD considering for the site?
    • Brian Farrell. Summer para-educators were finally paid two days after he addressed the board in August. Rumors are circulating about pesticide use.


  • $8,117,728 in check payments dated August 2023
  • $4,846,223 Payroll – August 2023
  • $1,982,012 in Purchase Orders exceeding $5,000 is approved.
  • $960,00 STAR Education Inc. after-school services at Aspen
  • $800,000 special education temp staff contract with STAR of CA, LLC (d/b/a STAR of CA, ERA Ed)
  • $722,430 is approved for 999 Purchase Orders under $5,000.
  • $584,010 agreement with Ventura County Office of Education for special education transportation
  • $559,800 FS Contractors, Inc. for outdoor learning center at Cypress
  • $525,000 special education temp staff contract with AMN Healthcare, Inc.
  • $376,300 Scott and Sons Electric, new fire alarms at EARThS
  • $275,000 special education temp staff contract with The Stepping Stones Group, LLC
  • $275,000 special education temp staff contract with Soliant Health
  • $250,000 special education temp staff contract with EDTheory, LLC
  • $175,000 special education temp staff contract with Comprehensive Therapy Associates, Inc.
  • $166,041 Donations/Gifts during August. Year total is now $283,980.
  • $150,000 special education temp staff contract with Sunbelt Staffing, LLC
  • $48,700 Music, Memories, and More event production at TOHS
  • $42,000 overnight trip is approved for Oct. 15-18 for TOHS college tour to Baltimore/Washington D.C.
  • $42,000 Teach & Talk Speech Therapy, virtual therapy for a student enrolled in the district.
  • $37,165 Lexia Learning Systems LLC to provide 1,005 licenses for students in grades K-5 for reading intervention software to support elementary interventions and learning loss.
  • $32,449 Turnitin Holdings, LLC, writing assessment and feedback website for all high schools.
  • $32,128 for the second increase on construction of the Pavilion at Westlake Elementary by Ardalan Construction Co., Inc. The Project’s original amount was $339,400, now at $403,678.
  • $25,000 All Languages Interpreting & Translating, Inc. services for students
  • $22,000 Bridging Voices – Uniendo Voces, LLC provides training for Multilingual Learners Dept staff that provides interpretation services for families.
  • $21,259 awarded to Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • $20,000 overnight trip approved Feb. 1-4 for NPHS Dance Team for travel to Las Vegas, NV competition.
  • $20,000 Secural Security for additional security at WHS.
  • $19,965 Mastery Coding gaming software for coding classes/Esports league
  • $19,800 Digital Sceptre firewall support
  • $18,900 Oakland-based New Positive Coaching Alliance 3-year training for NPHS athletics dept.
  • $14,999 Koolco refrigeration equipment repairs
  • $14,982 Secural Security for football games, dances and graduation at TOHS
  • $13,381 STS Education installation of wall-mounted interactive flat panels at Lang Ranch, Weathersfield and WHS
  • $12,790 Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure upgrade
  • $10,613 School Tech Supply (STS) to Install Promethean Activpanels at Acacia and Banyan
  • $10,481 Committee for Children (Second Step), social-emotional learning lessons at middle schools
  • $14,250 overnight trip is approved Nov. 1-5 for TOHS Journalism Club to attend a conference in Boston.
  • $10,500 Mindset Academy (SWEAT III), three mindset development workshops and assemblies at Los Cerritos
  • $8,000 contract with Craig Newton for TK/K musical classes at Banyan
  • New Los Cerritos Middle School Choir Parent Support/Booster Organization is approved. $35,249 estimated budget expenses.


  • $4,908 Graphix LLC, scoreboard vinyl decals and installation at WHS.
  • $4,597 Perfection on Wheels, BMX bicycle motivation assembly at Westlake Hills.
  • $3,848 5-Star Students, subscription to mobile app for surveys, voting at WHS.
  • $3,840 Edmentum (Apex), digital reading curriculum subscription for Acacia.
  • $3,800 Secural Security at Colina events.
  • $3,795 BrainPOP, curriculum subscription for EARThS.
  • $3,500 All It Takes, off-site team building for DATA Academy at NPHS.
  • $3,390 Silver Seven Entertainment, four ASB events at Sequoia.
  • $2,775 SLiKentertainment DJ services at four events during the year at Colina MS and one event at Los Cerritos MS.
  • $2,155 Secural Security for officers at two football games in August at TOHS.
  • $1,872 Learning A-Z, instructional software at EARThS.
  • $1,806 Discovery Cube, Sound Exploration and Planetarium workshops at EARThS.
  • $1,031 IXL Learning Inc., science instructional software at EARThS.
  • $918 Magic Jump Rentals, inflatables at Westlake Hills.
  • $840 Lister Rents Inc., back-to-school night/future Lancer night at TOHS.
  • $804, Didax Inc., math instruction software for Maple.
  • $300 Thousand Oaks DJ for one TOHS football game.
  • Apex Leadership Co for Fun Run planning for Banyan.


  • Paige Lane Park Notice of Permission to Use Real Property (No. 91-093005) was revoked due to illegal dumping of materials, unauthorized parking, and other related nuisances.
  • Assistance League of Conejo Valley’s Operation School Bell program provides school supplies, tutoring, training, and optometry appointments for low-income students.
  • Gann Appropriations Limit $136,227,322.
  • Summer Learning Programs
    • Kenneth Loo: Antelope Valley charter school partnered with CVUSD to provide programs (July 5-28) 8:30 am-12:00 pm at Walnut Elementary for 279 students and Glenwood Elementary for 309 students.
    • 775 Westlake High School students were in the Credit Recovery program; 292 WHS students in acceleration classes – health, history and P.E.
    • Los Cerritos partnered with Learn for Life for 518 English learners with D’s or F’s; 91 students attended a math boost camp. Rising 6th grade students were also at Los Cerritos Boys & Girls Club – 40 students most of the day; 30 students all day. Learn for Life is a charter school. Hayek said, “There’s a loophole that allows the charter to collect ADA” funds during summer. CVUSD earns facility revenue from charter. They hire CVUSD teachers. There’s a loophole that allows the charter to collect ADA. District days of school are restricted for CVUSD.
    • McLaughlin said having teachers who are willing to teach affects summer enrollment.
    • Extended School Year programs grew since last year: Be Me Preschool, 50 to 80; Aspen TK-8, 93 to 113; Westlake HS 9-Post Secondary, 59 to 85. Services are intended to maintain skills and routines that students have learned during the regular school year.
    • English Learner Programs had 105 students at Walnut, 184 at Glenwood, 192 at Los Cerritos, 214 at WHS, and 34 newcomers.
  • Revised Multilingual Learner Master Plan was presented by Director Ricardo Araiza, policies related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of English Learner programs and services.
  •  2023/2024 School Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA) can be viewed here: https://www.conejousd.org/SARC-SPSA
  • Policies Amended:
    • 3320 Claims and Actions Against District
    • 3516.5 Emergency Schedules. Schools closed for any reason must provide students with IEP’s.
    • 3515.6 Criminal Background Checks for Contractors.
    • 5141.5 Mental Health, amendment approved after discussion to De-stigmatize neurodiversity.
    • 5141.6 School Health Services.
    • 6158 Independent Study
    • 9320 Meetings and Notices, board member teleconference attendance allowed without having to disclose remote location.
    • 9322 Agenda/Meeting Materials.
    • 7110 Facilities Master Plan defines teacher residential housing.
    • 7310 Naming of Facility, buildings, grounds and other district facilities may be named after contributors.
  • Future Board Topics:
    • Elementary PE and Music Presentation (October 4, 2023)
    • Artificial Intelligence in Schools – Utilizing Tools and Detection (October 18, 2023)
    • DEI Plan Presentation/Anti-Bias Training (November 1, 2023)
    • Software Use: Formative Practices (November 15, 2023/possible Board report only)
    • Middle School Professional Development – CAPS Training (January 17, 2024)
    • Secondary Grading Policy (March 6, 2024 )
    • TK Presentation (potential October presentation to coincide with the School Choice Board Policy review)


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