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Breaking: CVUSD is Allowing a 6th-grade Girl to Bunk with Boys at Outdoor Camp — And Hiding it From Her Parents

The Conejo Guardian has learned that the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), led by superintendent Mark McLaughlin, is forcing teachers and staff at a Newbury Park middle school to allow a 6th-grade girl to sleep in a boys’ cabin at Outdoor School next week — without informing the girl’s parents or any parents, say multiple sources.

School employees describe themselves as “outraged” because the district is hiding the girl’s “transition” from her parents, and from parents of the boys who may be assigned to share a cabin and bathroom with her in coming days.

According to one source, teachers were given a letter from the district specifically telling them they may not speak to the media about this issue, and that if they do, they can be terminated.

Sources say the district insists it is allowed to keep this 6th-grade student’s behavior a secret from her parents; the district believes it does not need to inform her parents of her “cabin switch” at Outdoor Camp; and the district says it does not have to tell the boys staying in the cabin with her, or the boys’ families, or the camp counselor that a girl will be bunking with them.

A person familiar with the matter says the 6th-grade girl’s cabin will be assigned to her at her request without notifying anyone else.

Another source tells the Guardian that the girl’s parents oppose her gender “transition” and “so the school is not going to inform them [about her Outdoor School cabin assignment] and will do it without their knowledge or consent.”

In November 2022, the Conejo Guardian reported that McLaughlin and CVUSD were preparing to put 6th-grade students in immediate danger by allowing boys and girls to live and sleep in each others’ cabins at Outdoor School, a multi-day retreat spent in the local mountains studying and enjoying nature. The previous story quoted an email from Los Cerritos principal Jason Klinger which said: “As required by this California law, students will be in a cabin that is consistent with their gender identity.”

Klinger cited California Education Code 221.5(f), which states, “A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.”

The Guardian sought comment from Superintendent McLaughlin about the situation. Read more on this story in the April issue of The Conejo Guardian.

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Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick is a writer and journalist.


  1. Anyone else smell a lawsuit baking? Where are the adults who are supposed to be protecting this child and how dare they usurp parental rights and the sacred parental relationship.

  2. Fire them! We need to stand up against this ridiculous behavior. Good for those teachers who stood up and let’s not worry about being anonymous.

  3. I commend these teachers who care enough for children to stand up for what is right no matter the consequences. It’s hard to believe how quickly CVUSD has declined when it comes to educating and protecting our youth. We need new leadership!

  4. School employees are more interested in their own personal agendas, than the rights of the parents and the impact on the children. This is horrendous and must be stopped. I agree, fire them.

  5. Typical BS coming from the raciest group called Godspeak. No other newspaper or media channel have reported this. If this was actually true this would have been all over Acorn Ventura county star local news stations etc. nothing. The sad part when the truth comes out there will be no retraction or apology. This is so typical of Rob McCoy and his band of racists neo nazis that follow him. Shame on you. Yes I do smell a lawsuit coming it will be against godspeak and Rob McCoy.

    • Oh yeah sure you mean the Acorn who was caught colluding with CVUSD by giving them heads ups? LOL John, pray tell why CVUSD hasn’t outrightly or specifically denied ANY of the claims made in the Conejo Guardian? Only vague distanced accusation without naming the paper or denial of any of their claims.

  6. Joel thank you for bringing this to the attention of a concerned grandparent…

    This is why we have this sh*t at CVUSD, blame it on the CA Assembly Bill 1266 that Jerry Brown signed into law back in 2013…

    See link> https://www.aalrr.com/EdLawConnectBlog/new-transgender-student-rights-law-to-take-effect-on-january-1-2014

    The CA ED Code was forced to change based on CA AB 1266 to include “gender identity”…

    See link>https://casetext.com/statute/california-codes/california-education-code/title-1-general-education-code-provisions/division-1-general-education-code-provisions/part-1-general-provisions/chapter-2-educational-equity/article-4-sex-equity-in-education-act/section-2215-generally

    So forget about suing the district or firing them. If we want to change the California Education Code 221.5(f) we have to mobilize to Sacramento now before its too late and introduce a new AB law that removes the wording “gender identity” until this happens, unfortunately, “all” CA school districts including CVUSD (must-shall-will) follow this crazy law. I have lived in Conejo Valley since 1969 and I am very angry as I have 2 young grandchildren entering CVUSD Kindergarten and 2nd Grade next year.

  7. It was with perfect timing that I pulled in from picking my son up from outdoor school and found this newspaper on my driveway. After reading the article and discussing it with my 6th grade son, I felt a need to respond. Are there 6th graders who were at Outdoor school this week that identify with a different gender than their birth? According to my son, yes. Did they room with their identified gender? Again according to my son, yes. Did CVUSD “put 6th-grade students in immediate danger by allowing boys and girls to live and sleep in each others’ cabins?” Absolutely not. What is the immediate danger referred to here? Is this particular student an immediate danger to others? Obviously they have not demonstrated themselves to be a danger as they are attending Outdoor School.

    Would parents prefer that a student who is identifying as a male at school share a room with the girls? As a mom of a girl, I believe she would be extremely uncomfortable with that scenario. This student is a boy at school, as is currently his legal right. To expect him to be in the bunk room with girls is not reasonable. To imply that the boys and girls were all bunking together is at best misleading and at worse an outright lie. The community who does not have children directly involved in the school is counting on you, the media, to inform them, not to persuade them.

    To have this on the front page of your newspaper, days after yet another shooting of young children is insulting to me a parent of a high schooler, middle schooler and elementary schooler in Newbury Park. There are big issues facing parents today, gun violence being the #1 killer of children. Mental health is also an absolute issue leading to suicide and drug use. What do you think your part is in exacerbating that issue, putting a 12 year old’s private and very personal situation on the cover of a newspaper in a very small town. How will other children in this community feel talking to their parents about any ways they might be feeling atypical? The more the community moves in this direction the more the school will be the child’s only safe haven, which I’m guessing is not the outcome most parents would hope for. If you don’t like the law that the superintendent is following, by all means work towards changing it. To put a 6th grader on blast on the front of a local newspaper and then also refer to them as an “immediate danger” when there are people shooting children is disgusting and disgraceful.

    Informing the community of the other issues Sequoia middle school students are facing, regular physical fighting, common drug/vaping use, lack of control over the students, and very little academic support would be a better support to our children.

  8. This board is out of control!!! I raised my three children in CVUSD. The radicals have certainly taken over the schools leaving the teachers hanging to pick up the pieces not to mention our precious, confused children. STOP listening to Megan Goebel who transed her child at age 4!!! She is on the District Advisory Commitee that is pushing all of this radical trans crap and EXCLUDING parents in the conversation. Wake up Conejo Valley. The kids are literally on the line.

  9. They wont approve my comment completely disproving this article. Its click bait. The girl REQUESTED to be treated as a trans person (to be put with the boys). She was put in a bunk that sleeps 12 with 2 other special-ed boys. My daughter attended this program this year…

    How else would you have handled it? There were limited spots and go forbid they decline a trans persons request. Its damned if you do damned if you don’t. Talk to your kids, and focus your outrage at the Guardian. #freedomofspeech

  10. 💥 THE KEY PROBLEM… without informing the girl’s parents or any parent??
    FYI: 10 years ago… CVUSD Banned High School Cheerleaders from kidnaping football players, for breakfast, and a day of school in pj’s during the season, (it was too risque) HYOPCRITES!!

  11. Good reporting by Joel.

    Hilarious cease and desist letter by CVUSD. Unfortunately, the CVUSD doesn’t have “standing” to assert the privacy rights of students. Typical CA lawyers are advising them.

    The dispute between CVUSD and the Guardian may well serve as a sound launching pad for the entire Conejo Valley community to support a political, social and legal challenge to California Education Code 221.5(f). This may be a great opportunity for parents to exhibit their muscle in protecting their children from the woke hordes in Sacramento.


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