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Home-field Advantage: Playoff Results

CONGRATULATIONS to Thousand Oaks for going undefeated this year! 10-0 from 0-10 a few short years ago … What a difference a good coach makes. Coaching is crucial …

Criminal for CIF to place 10-0 Thousand Oaks in Division 3 for the playoffs. They played 6-4 Chaparral, a mediocre D2 team also in D3 … Chaparral beat Norco 48-28 in October, and Norco got placed in the D1 bracket and lost to Serra by 14 … T.O. also had a big disadvantage of traveling 139 miles to Temecula — to get blown out 62-14 in a game that should never have been played. T.O. had no business playing in D3 and playing at a travel disadvantage …This was the first 10-0 team for Thousand Oaks to face, and to be put up against what was really a D1 team is just plain wrong! Poor way to end the season … A rematch of the double-overtime win vs. Newbury Park would have been a great game. But instead, CIF scheduled two blowouts, again blaming it on a computer. (Is that same computer counting votes in Arizona?)

Congratulations to Newbury Park for a great 8-2 season! A few short years ago, they weren’t competitive in the Marmonte League. Got moved out, switched coaches and turned everything around … Big 41-14 blowout win in the first round in Division 4 playoffs, a home game vs. Mira Costa, and honestly another game that should not have been played. I would love to have seen an N.P. vs. T.O. rematch instead … As my friend Darren said, “If the Newbury Park vs. Thousand Oaks game was a back-and-forth tie during the season, shouldn’t they be in the same Division in playoffs?” It would have been the game of the week … By the way, N.P. is another local football program that changed up its coaching and is doing well. A big congrats to the team and Coach Smigel for a first-round win. Looking to see N.P. go far in the playoffs, not to mention having a freshman as starting QB … The future looks bright.

Air War: #7 Smigiel to #8 Charlie Simmons for the touchdown.

First-round results … Newport Harbor beat Valencia, 43-17 … Newbury Park beat Mira Costa, 41-14 … On Nov. 12, Newbury Park was beating Newport Harbor in the 2nd quarter until a cheap shot on N.P.’s QB sent him to the hospital, and with him, he took any hopes of his team winning … Another poorly reffed game with a lot of bad calls … I have watched a lot of high school football, and it seems CIF likes referees who have a stake in the games they call. N.P. lost 28- 49. Great season!

Calabasas (8-4) is making a run in the playoffs … A Marmonte team that won only two league games got placed in Division 6 and blew out 10-2 Ramona … Like I said when CIF placed Oaks Christian in D6 last year — a Marmonte team has no business playing in D6! Calabasas beat Romona 35-14 … Any surprise?

Camarillo (9-2) beat 5-6 Roosevelt in an away game, 35-20 … It was placed in Division 4 and lost a close game to (10-2) Downey, 28-31 …

Oak Park (7-4), who lost 46-29 to Camarillo during the season, lost to Newbury Park 55-13 and lost to Thousand Oaks in a closer game, 28-14 … Got placed into a Division 6 playoff bracket. My question is, at 2-4 in the league, how did they even land a playoff berth? … Oak Park Eagles won the first round vs. 8-3 North Saxons 29-12 (who?) … On Nov. 12, Oak Park traveled to San Jacinto and lost, 32-51 …

Westlake (2-8) missed playoffs for the third straight year … This year, they were not competitive in the Marmonte League and needed to get a lot better or get out. They looked like Newbury Park looked when they played in Marmonte … Crazy how you switch coaches for Westlake, and it’s a spiral down … Last year’s defensive coordinator for Westlake — who kept Westlake competitive — left the program to coach at N.P. … Coach Serve, head coach of Westlake, needs to move out of the Marmonte or just out …

The only hometown team still playing in the playoffs is the 4th-place Marmonte team, Calabasas … Good luck, CHS! Shame on CIF for putting you in D6 and Thousand Oaks in D3! High school football playoffs should be about competition with safety! Thankful at least a Trinity team isn’t in D6 …


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