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Special Report Part 1: Adverse Reactions in Ventura County

‘What I Lost to This Vaccine’: One Woman’s Story

Christa, a career nurse and mother of three, was until recently a healthy 49-year-old who ran up to 30 miles a week, with no pain and taking no medications.

“I woke up every morning with the excitement of taking on the new day,” the Newbury Park resident says.

For 25 years, she worked primarily in long-term care settings with elderly people, and raised her kids in local public and private schools. More recently, she served in hospice, home health and long-term care environments.

“I really loved hospice care,” she says. “It was lovely. … The thing that excites me is having that nurse’s role and advocating for patients and families.”

But last year, when Christa received her second Pfizer shot, her health spiraled out of control.

“[My doctor] knew it was the vaccine and said, ‘Hopefully it’ll go away,’” she says. “It never went away.”

Instead, Christa plunged into a nightmare of symptoms and health problems her doctors could not explain and which robbed her of her active lifestyle — and her job.

“I am fighting every day to live in gratitude and be positive amidst the suffering,” she says. “You don’t know how devastating this has been. I’m a caged bird. It’s really sad.

… This is not just about losing your health. It’s your livelihood and everything. I want [people] to know what I lost to this vaccine — the travesty, the devastation, the s*** show, living a nightmare. These are all things happening to me now.”

‘The Best Year of My Life’

The pandemic didn’t start that way for her. As a front-line worker, she felt privileged to be helping people in great need. As she approached her 50th birthday, she also got back into a fitness routine.

“Twenty-twenty was the best year of my life,” Christa says. “I hired a virtual trainer for two days. I got weights in the house. I was fully committed.”

She discovered a love of distance running and began avidly using a fitness-focused social media app to track her progress and that of others in her area.

“I would just step out the front door and go running,” she says. “It was such a wonderful process because I love getting better, taking myself as far as I can go.”

It was good for the soul, too.

“The fresh air in the morning, the fog — beautiful! Oh, my gosh,” she says. “I grew to love it. I would cry running sometimes.”

Soon, she could run a 7-minute mile and compete in half-marathons, with a time under 2 hours, 4 minutes. One time she parked on PCH and ran all the way to Venice without even preparing.

On the career side, she was serving as the resident care director of an assisted living facility when COVID lockdowns were announced.

“We were having meetings every day with the Ventura County health department,” she says. “We were implementing protocols. … I’m going to work, holding down the fort, working hard.”

She wasn’t in a hurry to get COVID shots when they became available. Even with things like new phones, she prefers to wait and see what the glitches are. But her neighbor, a biotech company employee, praised the shots’ mRNA technology, calling it natural and risk-free. The County, too, was leaning heavily on medical field workers to get their shots.

“We were supposed to be talking to our employees and get a certain percentage of our building” to receive the COVID shots, Christa says.

So she relented and got the first one, with no problem. She immediately ran 9 miles to “test” it and felt great. But upon receiving the second shot on February 16, 2021, her arm “felt like it was on fire” from the injection site to her fingertips. She asked for ibuprofen and went home, but her arm became all but unresponsive. She couldn’t lift it for three days.

Running became difficult, and her social media posts reflect the struggle. “GRRRR. I didn’t ask for it. The fatigue is real,” she posted on March 9, 2021. And later, “LEAD LEGS AND THEN SOME.”

More disturbing was that after a run, she noticed “a weird vascular thing going on, on my thighs. My capillaries — they would be more prominent after my runs.” One doctor she consulted told her, “At least it’s not bothering you.” Another said, “At least you’re not going to die.”

“I knew I was still affected by the vaccine, but I wasn’t dwelling on it,” she says. “I still had a quality of life — get up in the morning with a joyful heart, still up for adventure.”

Then her elbows, ankles and knees became so painful that she could no longer squat and stand back up. She tried to run as normal, but her legs felt heavy.

“I thought it was in my head, and I was trying to gain that 30 miles back, that momentum, and I was struggling,” she says. “I still got some good runs in but was more fatigued than I realized. … I was blaming it more on a mental block, not my physical ability.”

Then June hit and with it a case of shingles, followed by sharp pains in her chest, legs and back. She went to a local hospital emergency room and asked for “a full workup” of blood and heart tests.

“The labs looked good. They checked for inflammatory things, and everything was fine,” she says. “Some of this doesn’t show up in your labs.”

Symptoms continued to multiply: blurred vision, numbness, dry burning sensations, wobbly legs and muscles that jerk involuntarily, body-wide tingling, sharp pains in her chest and legs, lost neck function — and always a debilitating fatigue.

“I went to the ER at Los Robles twice, and they dismissed me,” she says. “I said, ‘This is the vaccine.’ They said, ‘You should see your primary care physician.’”

Her doctor referred her to specialists, but those meetings never yielded results.

“Then it becomes, ‘You’re a crazy person,’” she says.

She had to cancel the half-marathon she was training for. By the end of summer 2021, she was struggling just to keep her job.

“I’m a hard worker and was protecting my livelihood,” she says. “I kept fighting. … It was a demanding job, and I loved it. I liked the challenge. That’s my sweet spot.”

But the 50- and 60-hour weeks she put in before receiving the COVID shots seemed unthinkable now. She took leave time in the fall to regain her strength, but by December, she knew she could no longer fulfill her duties.

“I was there four hours [one day] and was exhausted,” she says. “I thought, ‘This isn’t the job for me anymore.’”

Her last day was in late January 2022. Christa is now picking up the pieces and describes herself as “like a lab rat now.” During a visit with Conejo Guardian staff, she shows thinning and balding patches on her head and two fingers which twitch uncontrollably.

At one point, she holds up her hand and watches the fingers tremble.

“It’s only been these two fingers, so I’m lucky,” she says. “You see people’s whole face twitching.”

Her phone is full of images of her legs covered in splotchy, red discolorations after her runs. Her fitness app shows her last walk was on October 17, 2021 — for one mile.

“It’s insanity. How do I describe the fatigue?” she says. “It’s not where you didn’t sleep. It’s where you can’t hold your neck up. … [The symptoms] come and go, and you don’t know when it’s going to happen.”

The idea of leading a Bible study, as she has done before in the area, is a distant dream.

She keeps a list of her more serious symptoms: memory loss, involuntary jerking of the neck, shoulder and stomach muscles, chest pressure and sharp pains, itching and numbness, blurred vision, pain in the pads of her feet, a throbbing face and cheeks, throat tightness, “internal vibrations” and burning sensations in the skin — in addition to the overriding lack of energy.

One friend describes Christa as having “a certain number of coins to use per day.”

“If you save a few, you might have some left over for tomorrow, but if you use too many, you’re out. And when you’re out, you’re out of commission,” the friend says. “It’s awful to sit there and watch somebody suffer, and they’re told by doctors that it’s in your head. Not one doctor she’s been to has put it to VAERS.”

When Christa is able to budget her energy and go shopping or run errands, she often meets people suffering in silence.

“One guy at Coffee Bean told me his wife has terrible arm pain and issues with her arm,” she says. “I was at Nordstrom Rack checking out and shared my story, and the lady came around the counter, hugged me, thanked me, and pointed to the young girl next to her and said, ‘She’s been having heart palpitations.’”

“Almost every person we come into contact with and start talking about it, they know multiple people who’ve been hit by this,” says Christa’s friend. “And they don’t even know it’s the vaccine that hit them. This stuff is real. It’s everywhere.”

The friend transported Christa to the ER once when her chest was in such pain that it seemed she was having a heart attack. While waiting outside the hospital, a young man burst through the exit doors and announced, “They say nothing’s wrong with me! I’ve got an elephant on my chest, but nothing’s wrong with me.”

Someone asked him, “Did you get the vaccine?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Everywhere we go, we meet people,” the friend, who runs a business in the Conejo Valley, says. “In the grocery line, people say, ‘How are you doing?’ Christa says, ‘Not well. The vaccine injured me.’ One hundred percent of the time, they say, ‘Oh, my gosh! My cousin! My husband!’ Every time. Christa is not the type of person to cry on other people’s shoulders, but this has to get out. The more people who start spreading the word …”

One doctor shared that a patient lost hearing in both of her ears. A women’s clinic employee said the clinic is inundated with “vaccinated” women experiencing menstrual bleeding. A common complaint is that primary care doctors shuffle suffering people off to specialists whose tests never lead to diagnoses or treatments. Like Christa, they feel ignored.

“If it were just acknowledged, I think I would be better mentally,” Christa says. “Now we’re a year out, and it’s not acknowledged. That’s part of the healing — being acknowledged.”

“I used to smile all the time. Now it’s phony; it’s fake. My soul is broken.”

If someone has cancer, there is a path and plan of care, she says. Doctors, specialists and nurses “rally around you and support you. With us, there’s no support. Nobody’s rallying around us.”

Online communities have brought together people who share their journeys of being adversely affected by the COVID shots. One popular forum is at realnotrare.com.

“We’re all supporting each other because that’s the only support we have,” Christa says. “Nobody knows what to do with any of us.”

Then there are the costs of trying to find relief. Some spend tens of thousands of dollars on private treatments, hyperbaric chambers and more to try to regain their health — and hold onto their jobs — often to no avail.

Christa goes back and forth between resolve and grief.

“I love life, adventure, new experiences and just playing,” she says. “This is me. I’m 50 years old, and it hasn’t changed. I’m the same girl.”

But she also describes herself as “very self-aware about my current reality, taking inventory, moving forward.”

“Nothing is worth it — your job, your health, your mental wellbeing. When you lose that because of a vaccine, and they have no cure for you … It’s not worth it.”

“I’m mourning the loss of my health, and it’s devastating,” she says. “I’m physically compromised, physically disabled. … I’m pretty self-aware, but I can’t accept this. I’m so angry, so devastated, so sad. I miss my lust for life, my excitement, my smile. I used to smile all the time. Now it’s phony; it’s fake. My soul is broken. It’s been taken. The frustration [is] that you’re doing stuff that you don’t even know it’s going to work.”

She has new dreams of starting a consulting business as an advocate for patients within the world of hospitals, assisted living and hospice care facilities she knows so well. Her hope is that the damage she suffered will not last forever.

To those wary of receiving COVID shots, Christa offers words of caution.

“Do not cave because you do not want to be like me,” she says. “I don’t want anyone to lose their health. I was a thriving 50-year-old. I’m telling you, inflammation in your body takes years off of your life. [Your body] is taxed and overworked and fighting this inflammation, wreaking havoc on your organs. … Nothing is worth it — your job, your health, your physical and mental wellbeing. When you lose that because of a vaccine, and they have no cure for you, they won’t even acknowledge it — nothing is worth it. I am living a nightmare. It’s not worth it.”

Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick is a writer and journalist.


  1. What a shame. Hang in there. Their immunity from liabilty will be gone when they’re found guilty of fraud. Which they will be as they are in cahoots with the FDA. It sounds far-fetched, but it WILL happen.
    And they will pay. Nothing’s more important than one’s own health.
    Sign onto a class-action suit, or find a lawyer who specializes in injury claims due to negligence. In this case “criminal” negligence.
    Pharma’s been paying billions over the last decade in civil and criminal fines. Don’t worry, they’re ok with it. They even budget for it. To them, it’just another cost of doing (VERY LUCRATIVE) business.

  2. I want to make a suggestion for Christa and others who have been injured by this vaccine — and even those who have not felt any negative effects yet but who have taken the jab. This “vaccine” has been documented to install a self-assembling, wireless operating system inside the bodies of those who have been jabbed. This results in the “vaccinated” becoming walking wireless transmitters and receivers. It is the WIRELESS RADIATION that is making these people sick. It is the pulsed, radiation-emitting frequencies that is causing their blood to clot and their heart rates to malfunction. This is also what is causing strokes and heart attacks and much, much more. For those who have been jabbed, it is IMPERATIVE to get themselves away from all forms of wireless radiation, especially while in their home. Getting away from pulsed frequencies is urgently necessary for their survival. And of course, detoxing heavy metals from their body. And there is so much more that can and should be done so they can try to recover their health. The medical establishment will NOT help them. The medical establishment is guilty of malicious violence and will not even admit that these people are vaccine-injured. There are many millions of them now. A huge number have already died.

    We have got to address the radiation issue. Everyone is ver attached to their wireless devices, and so they don’t want to look at this. But this is the key to understanding what is going on and to helping those who are suffering. They MUST get rid of all wireless devices and clean up their home environment if they want to survive and get better. They have to get themselves away from the radiation and the pulsed frequencies.

    Please see my website: http://www.RadiationDangers.com and/or my book, “Are Wireless Devices Really Safe?” for more info. Or email me at [email protected] if want guidance on how to clean up your home or detox from this vaccine.

  3. Oh Christa, I am heartbroken to hear the damages you have suffered from those C-jabs. I lost understanding of speech, knowing that the legs at the end of the bed were mine & so much more at just 24yrs of age due to major brain surgery with the removal of the left parietal lobe. the battle has been long & hard but I have always kept in the back of my mind ” All the time I am alive there is hope”. I can now talk, understand the spoken word, walk & even run at age 62 so don’t give up, continue your fight. Best Wishes, Bee

  4. So tragic when it never needed to happen. Our health care system failed us and yet they still continue to push these EUA injections that do not provide immunity but destroy your God given immunity.

    Therapeutics have been demonized and yet they’re remarkably successful in preventative and in treating Covid when used. Third World nations are leaps and bounds ahead because they didn’t restrict use.

    When the manufacturers own documentation warn that recipients can transmit the contents by “Inhalation or Skin contact” making them potential Super Spreaders it begs the question, why are these shots still on the market? Clearly it’s the money, not health.

    Sure hope that Christa and others suffering the repercussions of these injections can get their lives back but it’s not clear that will ever happen.

    This might be of assistance: Spike Protein Detox Guide

  5. Thanks Joel, for making this story known. I know of 7 people who died after getting the vaccine, and also know of 4 people who were vaccine injured. You’re a good journalist. My heart and prayers go out to Christa and the many thousands who have experienced what she has had to deal with.

  6. So tragic when it never needed to happen. Our health care system failed us and yet they still continue to push these EUA injections that do not provide immunity but destroy your God given immunity.

    Therapeutics have been demonized and yet they’re remarkably successful in preventative and in treating Covid when used. Third World nations are leaps and bounds ahead because they didn’t restrict use.

    When the manufacturers own documentation warn that recipients can transmit the contents by “Inhalation or Skin contact” making them potential Super Spreaders it begs the question, why are these shots still on the market? Clearly it’s the money, not health.

    Sure hope that Christa and others suffering the repercussions of these injections can get their lives back but it’s not clear that will ever happen.

    This might be of assistance: Spike Protein Detox Guide

  7. hi christa possible remedy for you drink 2 cups together of distilled water…… make your own.. 1 gallon minimum per day …… clear the blood via the body
    regards Gordon from new zealand

  8. so very sorry this has been bad for you..this ‘shot thing’ has been deadly and very divisive for those of us who chose not to comply..and to be blown off as crazy or that you have imagined it is sure an insult..sad that so many in the health care industry that do know the danger of this “experiment” have been silenced and so many have died needlessly..the rotocol has killed many…hang in there and do what you can to overcome this poison..many stand in your support..

  9. Do a D-Dimer Blood test to confirm micro-clots & follow FLCC.net & follow Dr. Pierre Kory’s & world wide doctors Protocols for long haul Covid/Vaccine injury
    Prayers of healing to you !!!!!!!!

  10. 35 years of research in Immunology taught me that all vaccines behave differently in different people. Insufficient testing was conducted before this vaccine was rolled out. I fully expected there to be some nasty consequences. So did the pharma companies– that is why they asked for immunity from prosecution. Here’s a thought… how about suing the people who gave me the injection, the people who make the syringe, the suppliers of the components of the vaccine, the makers of the vaccine bottles… somewhere down that line someone is not protected and I’d rip their heart out for working with Pfizer or whoever. Remember Pharma fears bad PR as much as loosing a trial. You don’t have to win to hurt them. Remember they sell more drugs than the Vaccine and they are not protected from litigation there. Go on and on and on and on until someone starts to be responsible!

    • The families of the dead and injured and BLM who most took the poison will hang the pharma CEOs, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the vet that worked with Fauci, the people who lied to them, the doctors and nurses that recommended the shot, the pharmacists and techs and all those that mandated the shot. They will burn their houses and buildings down with them inside.

  11. There is one possible way Christa may be able to restore higher level function and end the systemic inflammatory process. It is strictly a biological approach and has nothing to do with medically or otherwise being treated by any extraneous protocols. If you want to convey this message to her, tell her to go to my website http://www.correctivenutrtion.com. It is about a 20 minute read. If she’s interested after reading same, my contact information is there.

    Doctor Jack

  12. Dear Christa,

    It is criminal what has happened to you and millions like you around the world — silent victims of medical hostage taking and “gunpoint medicine” where the Ethic of Informed Consent is denied.

    PLEASE do not give up hope, know of cases of improvement using a gamut of interventions from the simple to the more complex.

    Don’t know if you can access this therapy. I’d had the combo IVs (Ozonated blood & Vitamin C) for something else and know the potential of this powerful combo:


    Other things that may help include: NAC, white pine needle tea (need to research proper sources)
    apple pectin, apple peel powder, zeolite – well sourced, infrared saunas and much more. There are lots of protocols out there worth exploring.

    Hope you get this and best wishes,

  13. 30 miles a week is what is doing damage. That is insane. Read more about running that many miles a week & what it can do to your body. Running is good, but not what you do.
    How dare you tell people not to take the vaccine. So many people would have been saved if they took the vaccine.
    You would be the last person I would use as a nurse.

    • You are a sheep believer in Fauci and company who were involved in The production of this virus and gene therapy, not a vaccine, for the profit of big pharma! There is so much you clearly do not know. NEVER EVER has a product been allowed to kill so many… WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

    • Betty, a former Black Rock analyst that is very good at what he does looked at the data. He said most BLM and Antifa took the jab and when they wake up and realize they were tricked and poisoned ( as you obviously haven’t ), they will burn the buildings to the ground with the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and techs and everyone that recommended or mandated the poison inside. You better watch your mouth as there may be some of those people noticing you are pushing the poison. I wouldn’t want to be in your socks for your shoes when BLM and Antifa wake up.

  14. Dr. Henry Ealy has advised a protocol for deactivating the spike protein in your body caused by the mRNA vax. He an many others believe that fasting (abstaining from food , but continuing to drink water and some vitamins/nutrients without calories) can help. The protocol is 3 days of fasting, you really need autophagy here, and then continue taking therapeutic doses of common vitamins. If you don’t see results, or even if you do, you should probably repeat the fast and nutrient protocol again.

    Dr. Henry Ealy: New Protocol to Remove Spike Proteins
    Fast from food but drink water for 3 days while taking:
    L-arginine 1000 mg twice/day
    Liposomal Glutathione 250 mg twice/day
    NAC 1200 mg twice/day
    Serrapeptase 80,000 spu twice/day
    Liquid Iodine 600 mcg twice/day

    Then 11 days of all the Nutrients:
    Vit A 5,000 IU /day,
    Vit C 3-5,000 mg /day,
    Vit D 5,000 IU /day,
    Vit E 200-600 IU /day,
    Zinc 30-40 mg once /day or more,
    Quercetin 500-2,000 mg twice/day,
    Probiotic with Bifidobacterium 1 billion CFU /day, and
    1 Multi-vitamin/mineral/day.

    Repeat if needed.

    DISCLAIMER: this is NOT medical advice, simply passing along someone’s protocol that was helpful in other cases, for educational purposes. Discuss with your doctor or other health professional, hopefully one that knows something about nutrition and fasting.

  15. Get on an Iodine chelating detox. That’s one of the few things that can bond that trash in your body and help the renal system and sweat glands to flush it out. It’s the same thing that helps kids with vaccine induced autism.

  16. Tens of thousands dead and still dying they are still pushing injections. Ask yourselves why? All being surpressed. See the Inventor of PCR Nobel Prize Laurent Kary Mullis who despised Fauci and wanted to debate him in the 90s. Found him early 2020. His video and clips are now on Bitchute and Rumble but heavily censored. He said, PCR is not to tell if “anyone is sick”! It’s for amplification in study but he dies at age 74 in Aug of 2019 although he was still surfing in California four months before the virus is found in Wuhan. Saw Cambridge graduate Canadian Dr Roger Hodgekin’s videos before he was censored and had death threats. Look him up. He was furious the end of 2020 on Utube (then censored) and he is just one of thousands. Tip of an iceberg. Really about a virus or what’s in the injections? BG is a eugenist. Been talking about depopulation for years. Nanotechnology, Graphene, Hydrogel in injections for a Plandemic. Proof is in our face but it’s been scrubbed from all Billionaire owned Big Technocratic sites if it doesn’t fit the narrative. Millions are now woke but millions are still asleep. Fits together like a puzzle-You will never see only the 1-10% that’s reported to VARES of the dead and maimed men women and now the children….https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/cases-of-brain-damage-in-children-skyrocket-following-covid-19-vaccines/…..Also see the COVID blog. Evil beyond comprehension-

  17. Please 🙏 get better. We are all going thru similar ordeals. I want our lawmakers to repeal the 1986 Liability act for as long as Big Pharma has immunity from lawsuits and consequences, the public will never get safe products as they have no incentives putting profits over safety.

  18. Please refer injured vaxed to a product called Nano Soma. It enables the body to heal itself. Many see results right away, many it will take time. I have recommended this to several people who have had adverse side effects and they are currently normal. Worth a try, nothing to lose.


    Kindest Regards,
    Dorothy Bazacas

  19. I am a nurse and have been off work for a month with nerve pain, muscle spasms, and numbness to my left arm and fingers. I thought I pulled a muscle in my back at first, but then had pain in my shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints. It seems to be getting better with physio and rest but your story sounds eerily similar and I hope and pray it is not the same in the long run. I had to take both jabs in order to keep working. I’m claiming the saving grace of the blood of the lamb who bled and died so I can have LIFE! In the powerful name of JESUS.


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