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How Do You Pronounce ‘February’?

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The Conejo Guardian - Independent Community News

It’s a new year — and a new time to debate an old controversy: how exactly do you pronounce “February”? Should the “r” be pronounced? Or can it casually be let go? The question can divide even the closest of friends.

Here, we will try to decide it once and for all. According to multiple dictionaries — including Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com — “February” can be pronounced either way. However, Oxford Learners Dictionaries thinks the “r” should be pronounced, and so does the Cambridge dictionary — but Cambridge also lists an American pronunciation which excludes the “r.”

Clearly, the choice is up to you. Saying February without the “r” seems the more common choice in America and is easier to say. But if you’re a stickler about enunciating every letter on the page — or you prefer the Queen’s English and are a bit of a traditionalist — go for it. Say the “r” and pat yourself on the back for giving every letter its time to shine.

No matter how you choose to pronounce it, go forward in confidence knowing that — you’re right.



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