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Ventura County Board of Supervisors February 2024 Meetings Summary

The following summary is from regular Ventura County Board of Supervisors meetings on Tuesdays, February 6 and 21, 2024, and a special meeting on February 13, 2024.


Initiation of Litigation – one case discussed.

Conference with Labor Negotiators. County Reps: Shawn Atin, Tabin Cosio, and various employee organizations.


Scott Gillman, Acting Director of Behavioral Health/Mental Health, was placed on paid administrative leave back in September 2023. Deputy Director Loretta Denering was appointed acting/interim director during recruitment for a permanent replacement.

Edwin Wall was re-appointed to the Board for the Area Housing Authority, term ending February 24, 2028.

Celia Daniels, Davita Carpenter and Esther Anaya were appointed to the Workforce Development Board for terms ending February 5, 2027.

James Wall was appointed to Assessment Appeals Board No. 2 through September 2025.

Unscheduled Vacancy Notices for Robert Buzz Patterson of the Aviation Advisory Commission, Jay Turner of the Workforce Development Board of Ventura County, and Claudia Armann of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board.


$25 million Gold Coast agreement with the Ventura County Medi-Cal Managed Care Commission.

$23,019,656 Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services Provider Incentive Plan.

$19,393,764 Traditions Psychology Group, Inc., for psychiatric services.

$5,967,000 MTM Construction, Inc., for four specific repair projects at various county facilities.

$5,357,591 contracts for CalAIM meal preparation and delivery services with Ventura Harbor Restaurant Associates, Inc., Waters Edge Restaurant & Bar.

$2,746,977 Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute, Inc. for laboratory services.

$2,744,022 South Coast Funding Group Inc., for repairs at various Health Care Agency locations.

$2,600,000 Homeless housing, assistance and prevention positions being added – Two regular full-time equivalent (FTE) positions to the County Executive Office, three regular FTE positions to the Human Services Agency, and seven fixed term FTE positions to the Sheriff’s Office.

$2,460,000 Ventura Vagabond Inn LLC, lease agreement for $205,000 per month for sheltering homeless.

$1,541,112 Sherpa Government Solutions for training.

$779,999 contract with Sam Hill & Sons Inc. of Ventura for the countywide storm drain repairs.

$664,000 for four regular full-time positions in Resource Management Agency Planning and Operations Divisions.

$585,014 Experian Health Inc., for claim processing and management services.

$465,000 Margin Healthcare LLC, for revenue cycle consulting services.

$438,760 Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering Inc., for consulting services for Kiddie Beach Wet Weather Bacteria feasibility study.

$437,000 Fahradyan Plastic Surgery for plastic and reconstructive surgery services.

$375,000 additional funds were approved for the Ventura County Arts and Culture Investment Grant Program, bringing total funds to $1,375,000. ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021) funds are one-time funds. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Cindy Murray, 5-Star Theatricals in Thousand Oaks, thanked the Board for the grant. Pam Hogarth, Elite Theatre Co. in Oxnard, requested approval of a grant. Anna Strickland, Elite Theatre Co. in Oxnard, said without help, they may not be able to continue serving the community. Natalia Staneva (online), New West Symphony, annual grant program will help with multi-year planning. Jonathan Serret (online) of TO Arts and Cultural Affairs Director for Thousand Oaks, is grateful for increased funding.

$375,000 Public Defender’s Office’s full-time fixed-term position for Racial Justice for All Grant Program through Feb. 15, 2026.

$360,000 LLC for patient assessment services.

$289,255 Constant & Associates change to the scope of work and deliverables to the COVID-19 After Action Report.

$256,000 SAS Institute Inc., for crime data analytics and case management software.

$255,000 Ventura County Office of Education for the Foster Youth Transportation Program.

$240,000 Conejo Health for supplemental behavioral health counselors to treat substance use and mental health disorders. 

$229,830 DBW Media, Inc./Consortium Media Services, for marketing services.

$209,100 Aimee Brecht-Doscher, M.D., assistant chief medical informatics officer, medical director of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Services.

$202,545 District Attorney’s Office full-time fixed-term Attorney III position for Violence Against Women Vertical Prosecution Program.

$78,121 Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Cooperative for developing stormwater programs.

$50,142 Yeh and Associates Consultants Inc., for consulting services for the Matilija Canyon Road Slope Repair Project.

$48,538 Ventura County Credit Union monthly lease agreement at 2575 Vista Del Mar Dr, Ventura.

$45,000 RRM Design Group, Inc., for architectural and engineering consulting services for 610 Spring Rd, Moorpark.

$38,875 MOU for Mentored Internship Program and Intern Recruitment related services with various universities and community colleges.

$30,852 Yardi Systems Inc., monthly lease at 2791 Park View Court, Oxnard.

Una Vida Esta Vida contract terminated for adult residential sober living services.

Sixteen (16) Behavioral Health new regular FTE positions and deleting sixteen (16) regular full-time and part-time positions; transfer nineteen (19) regular FTE positions; modify two (2) part-time positions, increasing the positions to regular FTE positions to meet Behavioral Health workload, caseload and program requirements.

MOU between Ventura County Animal Services and Ventura County Fairgrounds to utilize fairgrounds for animal evacuation and shelter during emergencies.  

Third Amendment to Revolving Credit Agreement between Wells Fargo Bank, the Ventura County Public Financing Authority and the County of Ventura for a 60-Day Extension of the Facility Maturity Date.

Abbey Freed, D.O, medical director, Pediatric Neurology Services with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Medical Group, Inc., contract clarifies payment to CHLA for Freed’s services to the County is 90% of CHLA’s salary, not a fixed monthly payment.

Gold Coast Health Plan (Gold Coast) MOU to provide community health navigators and clinicians at Ventura County Medical Center and County clinics; the MOU serves as a “Master Agreement” for the placement of Gold Coast staff at County facilities in other roles.

Sheriff’s Office’s Law Enforcement Service Rates approved for Fiscal Year 2023-24, for cities and other entities contracting with the County, retroactive to July 1, 2023.

Floodplain Management Ordinance No. 4521 allows the issuance of building permits prior to the Federal Emergency Management Agency providing the final letter of map revision for tract 5683, Piru.

Fidelity Management Trust Company offered a reduction in the fixed basis-point fee for recordkeeping/participant education services, lowering it from 3.75 to 3.2 basis points, an estimated annual savings of $88,000 for the 401(k) Shared Savings Plan and Section 457 Plan.

Restated Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Parcel C (Amended CC&Rs) by the County of Ventura, Channel Island Villas L.P., and Oxnard Marinas L.P., Parcel C Waterside and Landside – Channel Islands Harbor.

Agreement for Health Care Services with the California Department of Veterans Affairs through June 30, 2026.

Forensic Scientist II fixed-term position established through September 30, 2025.


Tim McCarthy, Thousand Oaks, reminded the Board they need to replace Dr. Robert Levin for his lack of courage. Terminate his contract.

Willie Luca, Thousand Oaks, spoke in support of Ascencion.

Linda Bellamy, Valley Vista, opposes the Ventura Ranch project (a farmworker housing complex).

Jorge Garcia, Fillmore, works maintenance in the oil and gas industry. Grateful for the opportunity.

Steve Bostick opposes the Ventura Ranch project in a high-fire safety hazard area.

Julie Perez opposes the Ventura Ranch project. Adding high-density housing and vehicles is a hazard to evacuation routes in the area.

Irene Gomez, Nyeland Acres, spoke of Pesticide Awareness Month and warned of the State’s negligence.

Teresa Gomez, community organizer, asked for the exact locations of pesticide use.

Noemi Hernandez, Oxnard, is concerned about cancer-causing pesticides.

Eulalia Mendoza shared testimony on behalf of Leticia Mendoza, a strawberry worker who shared her symptoms of pesticide injury.

Laura Schwab opposes Ventura Ranch for traffic safety and evacuation concerns.

Dee Peterson opposes the Ventura Ranch project for health and safety concerns.

Susana Macias Robles gave her time to Debbie Pacheco, who represents the California Nurses Association and shared hopes for per diem contract negotiations with the County.

Andrea Medina supports VCA.

Jack Dempsey (online), there is no traffic study for Ventura Ranch.

Sarah Swidler (online) is concerned about the location of Ventura Ranch.


Revised County charges for providing copies of public records (Ordinance No. 4339). Staff recommended removing the hourly fee recovery for staff time; keep duplication fees – 3 cents per black/white page, 10 cents for color. Email is the most frequent way public requests are fulfilled, eliminating the need for postage. PUBLIC COMMENT: Louise Lampera, CoLAB, said the ordinance had a stifling effect on public records requests. Strongly supports repeal and revision.

Colter Chisum, Parks department deputy director, requests camping and day fee increases. Penalties for reservation changes extended from 15 to 45 days prior.

Anitha Balan, County director of roads and transportation, presented a roadmap for constructing pedestrian and bicyclist facilities for the purpose of increasing walking and biking opportunities. The plan can be viewed at


February is a recognized month for Black History, Community Health Worker Appreciation, National Children’s Dental Health, National Parent Leadership, and Grand Jury Awareness.

Ana McCubbin was honored for 33 years of County employment.

Military Animal Project was recognized on its 10th anniversary.


Terry Theobald, Information Technology Services director, said rates for 2024-25 will be raised by 3.1 percent.

David Sasek, General Services Agency director, said rates for 2024-25 will increase by 4.46 percent.

Catherine Laveau, senior deputy of risk management, estimates the County employee workers’ compensation rate will increase by 1.59 percent for 2024-25. She also said there are 91 open claims with injuries from 20+ years ago. Annual claims average $25.4 million. Fire, Sheriff and Health Care workers make up 65 percent of all claims.


Actions to implement an updated plan to prevent and end homelessness, as recommended by LeSar Development Consultants on December 19, 2023, were shared by County senior deputy executive officer Christy Madden at the February 27, 2024, Board of Supervisors meeting. Staff requested authorization to apply for the Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Round 5 Grant funding up to $2,600,000; the addition of two Regular FTE positions to the County Executive Office, three regular FTE positions to the Human Services Agency, and seven fixed-term FTE positions to the Sheriff’s Office. Madden said of the homeless challenge facing the County, “There’s far more people entering the homeless system than are exiting.” Nevertheless, the group’s goal is to reduce the current homeless population by 20 percent over the next two years, and to reduce the percentage of new homeless by 12 percent.

Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative study presented by Alice O’Connor, Genevieve Flores-Haro and Kathleen Knight. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Christina Ilar, Santa Paula Latino Town Hall president, appreciated data; Ivan Vega, policy and health equity manager for Future Leaders of America (FLA), supports more research on racism; Javier Garnica (online), Port Hueneme youth organizer for FLA, wants more research on local racism; Metzli Reyes (online), was unable to be heard so the Board clerk asked the caller to submit comment via email.


Count of Cash in Custody of the Treasury for the first and second quarters of 2023-24.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for 2022-23.

Independent Accountant’s Reports for the Agreed-Upon Procedures Applied to Appropriations Limit Calculation for 2022-23.

Ventura County Community Health Center Board Annual Activity Report for 2022-23.

Hazardous Materials Discharge Reports for January 6 through February 9, 2024.

Summary report of investments for calendar year 2023.


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