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Kids starving due to inedible school lunch

To the Editor:

As concerned parents, we trusted the free school lunch program in California to ensure that our little ones are well-fed during the school day.

Unfortunately, we were shocked to discover that our children are being served substandard and often inedible meals.

In a recent survey of our children and others, we found that they were being fed “dirty apples, moldy cheese, disgusting pizza, and not fully cooked meat.” This is not only unacceptable but also poses a risk to our children’s health. It’s no wonder that many children choose to starve rather than eat such disgusting food.

Concerned and outraged, I reached out to the director of child nutrition at CVUSD to voice my concerns. I was shocked to learn that adults are not allowed to taste or test the food provided to children due to “regulations,” even if we offered to pay or donate. This raises the question of whether anything is being intentionally hidden.

As parents, we must ensure that our children are receiving the nutritious meals they need to thrive in school. We urge all parents to check with their children and advocate for improved transparency in the school lunch program.

It is essential that we hold our schools accountable for providing high-quality, nutritious meals to our children. We cannot allow them to be starved at school due to substandard food.
We call on CVUSD to take immediate action to improve the quality of the school meals and to provide transparency and accountability to parents. Our children’s health and well-being depend on it.

Concerned parents


  1. My kids don’t eat the free lunch served at CVUSD school despite being hungry. They don’t like it.

    I didn’t know how bad the food was util I read this letter. Shocking! I won’t push my kids to try those food anymore! It seems that this matter needs to be escalated to get improvement.


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