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No Justification of SCG price increases

I called SCG to ask for an explanation of a 527% commodity gas increase in the past 2 months. Representative gave me a speech prepared by Management to tell consumers who question rates. I ask for supporting evidence that Natural Gas rates have climbed, asked for invoices as to what they paid for NG from supplier in Nov, Dec and in the future. ABC 7 had SCG President on. She claimed prices are going up due to supply and demand issues, prices of NG going up due to colder weather, Pipe being full issue and storage issue. Nothing can be farther from the truth, no evidence provided to prove any claims. There is no supply or demand issue, demand for NG has been going down, not up, see prices for NG drop 100% in the past 2 months. Suppliers have had no issue proving NG to other States. In California, we have the same weather in Nov, Dec, Jan as we did last year, people are using the same or lower amount of NG. Pipes being full and storage issues are laughable, no need to comment. CPUC was notified of these issues. They don’t audit pass through costs from SCG, so SCG can pass on any rate increases without audit to consumers, 10-1000% if they like. So we have no one regulating NG prices for the consumers here in California. Try get a meeting with local politicians who support price increases, it’s not going to happen. Contact the Governor, he elects the Commissioners to partner with CPUC to partner with our Monopolies here in California, it’s a partnership to raise rates on consumers. HIgher rates, higher profits to SCG, higher tax revenue to government for higher salaries, health care and pensions, a win win for them, consumers get their wealth redistributed. We have no representation against price gouging consumers, who have no place to go for help.


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