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The Department of Defense’s Role in Manufacturing and Distributing COVID Injections — and the Connection to Adverse Events

Why do some people have serious adverse events/death with the COVID mRNA injections and others don’t? That fundamental question launched Dr. Peter McCullough’s November 8 guest on his America Out Loud podcast, “The McCullough Report,” into a years-long investigation into the “lot” variability of the COVID-19 injections.

In the exclusive interview with Alexandria Latypova, a former pharmaceutical executive and industry analyst, Latypova found that deaths and serious adverse events (SAEs) reported in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) after the COVID -19 injections are NOT randomly distributed according to manufacturing lots as they are with the influenza injection. Instead, the SAEs and deaths are aggregated in specific “hot lots.”

For example, from data on 33 lots of the Pfizer injection, 80 percent of the deaths have arisen from 35 percent of the lots. For Moderna, only 24 percent of the lots account for 80 percent of the deaths.

Why would there be lot variability?

The COVID products are made by a consortium of companies, both traditional and non-traditional suppliers to the Department of Defense (DoD). Yes, the DoD has had ultimate control over every aspect of the supply chain until injected. Many of these contracts have been in place over a long period. Latypova found contracts going back to 2012.

The DoD established millions of square feet of manufacturing capacity, equipment, supplies, assets, staff, infrastructure, and security systems to enable manufacturing of these products. Pfizer, J&J and Moderna are involved in some aspects of the process; however, the entire product is made in this sort of opaque black box. DoD completely controlled a set of complex defense contracts, rules and regulations that these companies had to comply with. Every single company was under contract with the DoD.

Who is the DoD accountable to exactly?

The DoD isn’t regulated or licensed, and as a result, there is no clarity about the manufacturing process. The DoD isn’t subject to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and has produced bad and inconsistent product, according to Latypova. Under existing government contracts, there is no FDA or third-party inspection of the products for safety, quality or purity because the DoD, under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) countermeasures program, is the “developer” of the vaccines.

More specifically, there is nowhere to get answers about quality or consistency in manufacturing the product.

It’s critical to keep in mind that mRNA and LNPs (lipid nanoparticles) are inherently unstable and can break up. Latypova described that when these unstable substances are allowed to sit in these large vats, the mRNA and LNP’s can separate, and they can stick together and create larger blobs of material. Furthermore, lipids will tend to float to the top and stick to each other. Then the manufacturer takes this heterogenic material out of these huge vats, and ultimately, it ends up in tiny, 5-to-6-dose vials. The result is tremendous heterogeneity (variability) in the vials.

A significant quantity of the vials will be “blanks” or essentially duds with little to no mRNA and LNPs in them; other vials can have these materials in extreme concentrations.

When administered with multi-doses per vial, this adds to variability depending on who and how well-trained the people are in preparing doses. For instance, if a vial was mixed with saline and allowed to sit outside a freezer for up to 6 hours, then more changes could occur in the product due to temperature variation. Again, the mRNA and LNPs clump together and float to the top of the vial. By the last dose, the concentration of material would be extremely high, whereas the first doses could be mainly water/saline.

Where do the vaccine companies come into play?

The vaccine companies (e.g., Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Novavax) are largely marketing shields for the military program. Latypova states clearly that, by U.S. Emergency Use Authorization regulations, COVID mass vaccination is a DoD operation, and the signal to proceed is given by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. If the HHS Secretary believes a national medical emergency exists, then DARPA, the branch of the military dealing with biological threats, is activated, and the process starts.

The following is a direct quote from the DARPA website:

“As part of the ADEPT program in 2011, DARPA began investing in nucleic acid vaccines. The hypothesis was that rather than delivering antigens to the immune system, we could deliver genes that encode the antigen and allow the human body to produce the antigen from its own cells, triggering a protective immune response. In December 2020, former ADEPT performer Moderna’s RNA vaccine received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for the prevention of COVID-19” (https://www.darpa.mil/work-with-us/covid-19).

The genetic injections were developed at the “science of speed,” directed and controlled by the DoD and DARPA. Latypova points out that the FDA is largely theater, giving meaningless approvals to various versions of the injections as they proceed because they are powerless in the entire process.

Until now, I have been attributing all this coercion to the greed and exploitative nature of the monoliths of the pharmaceutical industry, sycophant financial investors of NGOs and other suspect organizations. However, this isn’t the complete truth, as has been revealed by Latypova’s investigation.

The COVID shots trajectory has been one of disorganization, chaos and malfeasance at the DoD that trickles up and down the unlikely chain of source supplies, manufacturing, distribution, post-marketing to end user – 1 billion human souls and counting.

Katherine Strange is an entrepreneurial leader with more than 25 years of experience managing cross-functional teams and operating a successful business. Her passions include fighting for freedom and finding the truth.


  1. I love you all at The Guardian! I always read your paper every month and it iscrefreshong to hear the F-A-C-T-S and TRUTHS about CVD 19 and these biochemical weapons they are injecting into the “uninformed” masses throughout the world. Thanks to “The Globalists” they will succeed in their depopulation experiments! This is worse than what Hitler did!!! People, however are closing their eyes to the truth that these shots are doing nothing preventative for anything. The PCR tests can not detect a virus according to Kerry Mullus who won the Pulitzer Prize for inventing it! It was invented for DNA Replication and Genetic Sequences…that is it! Nothing else! This supposed pandmic is the largest medical hoax in the history of our world! God bless the injected people who took all of the shots! Your immune system has been unbelievably compromised …unless you were lucky enough to have all 4 or 5 shots contain a placebo dose. There are absolutely no long term studies done on these shots! NONE!!! Every person should get a D-dimer test to see if you have blood clots and an AIDS test to see if you now have any immune system left at all.


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