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Protect and Defend: Embrace the Resistance

On August 8, for the first time in our history, the FBI raided a former U.S. president’s home. Leaving their signature windbreakers at the office, the FBI tried a low-profile approach. Instead, the firestorm over what they did was sudden and intense. The warrant listed the Espionage Act, the “unlawful taking of Government Documents” and “obstruction of justice related to destroying documents” and is just broad enough for them to craft something for an indictment. With mainstream media pushing a blizzard of lies, it’s going to be tough to sort through the facts between now and the election. This is intentional.

What were these documents? Were these top secret documents related to our nuclear program or vital state secrets that President Trump planned to sell to our enemies? Not likely. Did the Department of Justice and deep state overplay their hand? Probably, and I think we are going to find out. We do know that under his plenary authority, Trump purports to have declassified the documents in his possession, and some reports suggest that they relate to the Russian collusion investigation. It’s now being reported that the FBI unit that oversaw the raid is the same unit being investigated in the John Durham probe. It would be interesting to find out if there were particular documents they wanted back.

After this raid on Trump’s private residence, Trump voters and those who want to see our administrative state overlords put in their place are all dissidents now. It’s pretty clear that the divisions in our political landscape are getting more extreme, and with the new term “stochastic terrorism” invented five minutes ago, the temperature is going to continue to rise.

Using our corrupted domestic spy agency, Biden’s DOJ and the administrative state (our fourth branch of government) are hoping to destroy their political enemy just as he’s surging in popularity and thwart the will of the people who would like to see Trump as number 47. We might be seeing a banana republic at work.

There will likely be an October surprise or two. It could include indictments of Trump and his close allies. His opponents cannot let up, so they won’t. The deep state or shadow government will be facing a tremendous culling of their herd, and many in the District of Criminals know what’s coming under Trump 2.0. They cannot let this guy win again. Some of them will be facing actual prosecution for crimes against the American people.

What does this mean? Many of us have been enemies of the deep state bureaucrats for a long time — we just didn’t know it. We have been running our businesses, raising our families, and attending our churches while simultaneously sleepwalking into a weird kind of slavery. Some of us called it early on. Some of us listened to pioneers like Rush Limbaugh or Andrew Breitbart, who warned us that our institutions were being taken over by godless scolds who think that life is miserable and that it’s their neighbors’ fault.

Our country just came off a wave of tyrannical mandates based on the COVID-19 virus, and just as quickly, they are pushing us into the next series of emergencies geared towards stripping away our freedoms. Since monkeypox didn’t gain enough traction, we’ve been told it’s the climate crisis now, and we are going to have to submit to another round of sacrifices. That is if these leaders can survive a swelling red tsunami.

At all levels, we’re suffering from their fear-driven tyranny and the results of old-fashioned bad policies. Their mismanagement of our country’s resources and legacy always leads to our suffering. For example, they are choking out domestic oil and gas industries while pretending that if we buy oil abroad, it is somehow more virtuous. Right now, here in Ventura County, we are mandated to let our lawns die, which not only costs us thousands of dollars per household but makes our neighborhoods that much uglier. Our quality of life is diminished because of our representatives’ poor decisions and policies. Instead of withholding water from farmlands for dubious environmental hysterias, we could build desalinization plants and make better water contract purchases.

What do we do now? Be the resistance. Do not comply. Start making it hard on the people pushing us around. Drag your feet. Do it with a smile. Make the administrative state peacefully but painfully have to extract every bit of cooperation from us. Force them to show their tyrannical hand. Be stubborn. Wear them down. Make them have to spend energy on your noncompliance. Get political. Get involved. Walk the precincts, volunteer for campaigns, and donate to candidates that represent your values. Be a threat to the great reset.

That’s something each of us can do.

Among many other things, Bryce Eddy is the host of the Liberty Station Podcast on the Salem Podcast network and a security and safety consultant and mixed martial artist.


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