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Salaries and Benefits of Thousand Oaks City Employees Rose 15% Since 2019

Below is a complete list of all City of Thousand Oaks employees whose salaries and benefits totaled $70,000 or greater in 2020. City salaries and benefits have risen 15 percent from 2018-19 to 2022-23. A total of 350 Thousand Oaks City employees — 92 percent of City staff — earn $70,000 or more.

Salaries include base pay, overtime, deferred compensation and other extra pay. Benefits include retirement contributions made by the City, medical insurance paid by the City, car and phone allowances, insurance opt-out cashback, leave buyouts, Medicare and education reimbursements. The data is the most currently available on TransparentCalifornia.com, which publishes public salary data obtained via public records act requests.

The highest-paid City employees are city manager Andrew Powers, who received a combined $464,897 in salary and benefits during 2020, and city attorney Tracy Noonan, who received $446,429. The latest contracts for Noonan and Powers are posted below.


    • That money comes from the taxpayers. Is it fair that working class taxpayers have to pay taxes that pay for government employees that work for far more than the median compensation of working taxpayers? I say, Mr. Oz, if you want the government employees extremely well paid, why don’t you personally contribute some of your savings and/or income to pay for these very hefty compensation packages? If taxpayers were given the choice as to how much to pay these people, and the money came from their own pockets, I think a lot of taxpayers would say no to paying such high amounts of compensation. LPVC stands for smaller, less expensive government, a government that does less, and thus allows our non-government sector, the community and individuals, to do more. http://www.lpvc.org


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