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Know what your child is learning

How about a change of subject? Pornography! Just a few years ago that word was very seldom used in polite company. Fast forward to 2022. Now it has become acceptable to talk about it, make jokes about it, participate in viewing it, (sometimes in mixed company) etc. You get the point. I’m afraid many Acorn readers here in nice suburbia Simi Valley are not aware that it has infiltrated our public school system from early elementary school through high school.

How did this happen? The silent majority didn’t want to express disgust or disapproval for fear of being labeled old fashion and prudish. If we don’t talk about of acknowledge it maybe it will go away or at least never become a BIG problem. Well folks, it hasn’t and it is. It has become a big problem in many marriages and relationships. But my attention here is just to the school curriculum.

By not displaying just even distaste, it has become a monster of huge proportions. Why didn’t we object to this affront to decency? Why didn’t we, especially parents, demonstrate in front of movie studios where these films were being made? Mostly, in nearby Chatsworth. As with a lot of issues, the silent majority was silent. Now we really have to get serious by monitoring what our children are being taught, protesting at school board meetings, contacting elected officials, in order to keep our children children. Please make yourselves aware of the textbooks that are being used from very early elementary to high school. They are very graphic and depict all manner of sexual situations as perfectly normal behavior. The books are very beautiful including the graphic artwork. Local school board members when having been shown these textbooks have been embarrassed and look away. Not sure what Simi Board members’ reactions were, but I’ll bet they weren’t aware until parents brought it to their attention. Your child’s school day hours are being used to brain wash them with CRT, sex education; there is little time left for reading, writing and arithmetic.


  1. I agree. WE the SILENT, are as much to blame as those who push pornography. And finding GOOD moral candidates to run for School Boards is important too. Of course most folks don’t want to be drug through the gutter with insults and innuendos.
    You parents of children KEEP a closed eye on those books and make sure the teacher KNOWS who you are.. Homeschool if at all possible.


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