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This Is Our Money

It has come to our attention that the Biden Administration is going to give illegals that were separated from their family 450,000 dollars to 1 million dollars per family. This is an outrage. Who in America would stand for this? Biden left 86 billion dollars’ worth of equipment in Afghanistan (as well as American citizens), and gave the Taliban a pallet of cash. Biden spends millions a day of our hard earned tax dollars on illegals giving them free rides anywhere in the United States, housing, food, medical, etc. Illegals do not belong here, and now we owe them? What about us?

So, the American worker works to support politicians, illegals, terrorists, China, and countries we have never heard of. This has to stop.
THIS IS OUR MONEY. It belongs to us. There are approx. 300 million natural born American citizens. The Biden administration owes us 3 million dollars each, a year, for the rest of our lives. Add it up – it would not put a dent in this wasteful and unlawful spending.

People who have worked their whole lives cannot live on Social Security. Some people do not get 200.00 a month from SS. However the government can give illegals welfare money every month, pay their rent, food stamps and give them medical.

It is time to give us back our money. The day of supporting lying, cheating, globalist politicians and their destructive ideas is over. We need to support ourselves with our money. This would end poverty in America. Everyone could go to school and buy a home. We are sick and tired of supporting everyone but us. Stand up, make your voice heard, and give us our money.


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