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Press Release Vote for Ronda Kennedy

My grandfather John Lagomarsino, at 13 years old, immigrated alone from Genoa, Italy in the 1880’s. He came to the United States through Ellis Island and across the country by train to San Francisco California.  Searching for the American dream, he ended up in Ventura County in the 1890’s. Unfortunately, I was not able to know him because he died before I was born. However, he did leave a legacy of hard work and determination to succeed which I believe I inherited. I was taught to respect and serve others. I represented Ventura County for many years in the California State Senate and the United States House of Representatives. For some time now, I have been concerned about the state of affairs in Ventura County. When I served in Congress, we were able to work with one another. Unfortunately, times have changed. I have great affection for Ventura County, and would like to think our representatives would cater to the constituents and not special interests. I think it is time for new representation for the 26th Congressional District. Dedicated constituent service and interaction with the people of Ventura county is imperative and essential. Therefore, I am endorsing Ronda Kennedy for the 26th Congressional seat. I am not pleased by Julia Brownley and the political “status quo” of outside influence that dictate her decisions! Ronda has assured me that she will faithfully represent the district as I tried so very hard to do when I served. A vote for Ronda Kennedy is a vote for Ventura County. 

Former Congressman Robert J. Lagomarsino 

Ojai, Ca 


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