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Hope is contagious

I was touched to see a man at the head of the take-out pick up line last week pay for the lady’s meal behind her. She was dressed in a Von’s uniform and looked like she was picking up her supper after a days work helping people get what they need to hunker in as we stay safe at home.

On social media I see friends collecting masks that folks might have around after a paint project for those in the medical field that need them. I have one friend who is sewing masks.
A neighbor I never met dropped a note on my porch saying she and her husband both work for Trader Joe’s and would be more than willing to “pick up small odds and ends for neighbors who might be worried about exposure” and included her personal phone number for us to reach her to notify her how we can help. Thank you Melissa S. and husband for the kind and thoughtful offer.

One woman who has been a teacher for 23 years has offered private assistance for free to parents who find themselves homeschooling their kids. Another experienced homeschooling mom made videos on her Facebook page outlining how to succeed while kids learn at home.
Thank you friends and neighbors for the inspiration of doing something, for paying it forward and stepping out in any small way. It gave me hope today.

Heather Ochoa, Thousand Oaks


  1. I Just finished reading my first issue of the Guardian. I am so happy to have community news, other than that provided in the Acorn. The Acorn has become so opinionated and slanted. When reading, I no longer feel I am part of that small town of Thousand Oaks I have loved for close to 25 years. I hope this paper will continue to be delivered to my neighborhood.

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